Adani Ports to buy back $195 million of 2024 bond

The Adani Ports are now ready to purchase back the $195 million notes. Yes, you read it right. This news is true. This has been recently announced. This news is shocking and making rounds on the World Wide Web. This news is one of the biggest trending news on Twitter (X). This decision has been made because of the due in 2023 in cash tender offer. This is going to be one of the biggest deals of Adani Port till now. $195 million is not a small amount this is going to be a really big deal. Now read the article till the end to know everything about his deal.

Adani Ports

Adani Ports and Special Economics Zone Lts has infomraed as it is exchanged on Wednesday as they are going to purchase $195 million of its notes which is due in 2023 at a total price of below its original issue. Now Adani Ports has started a tender offer so it can buy the outstanding 3.375% senior notes due 2024 for up to $195 million in cash. Adani Port has started the purpose of the tender which offers that partially prepay the company’s impending debt maturities in the way of exchange filling. Scroll down to learn more about this topic.

The entire company has anticipated that the $325 million noted which is now going to continue to be outstanding following the conclusion of this tender offer. Adani Port intends to fund the notes accepted for buying the tender offer from the cash reserves, this has been officially claimed by the Adani Ports in its filing. Adani Ports announced in May 2023 that it is going to purchase around 20% of the issue notes. The amount of cash over the entire following four quarters for a purchase of a total of $130 million in cash. And the 30% of issue notes are going to be up to $195 million.

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This specifies under the tender which offers the memorandum where the tender offers in the New York time at the end of 26th October 2023 at approximately 5:00 pm. The intention of the company is the subject of the market conditions. It is going to continue the purchase of the Outstanding Notes over the three quarters continually and it was announced in May 2023. Adani ports may choose to be accelerated or maybe it defer this plan subject to market conditions or it can be in the further subjects to include prices. This information has been given to us by the exchange fillings.

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