Adani Group Introduces Charges For Private Jets

Adani Group has now officially introduced charges for the private jets. Adani Group has introduced “general aviation charges.” Some time ago the airport tariff regulator gave a warning regarding the unapproved tariff, so by not taking much focus on it Adani group has taken a big step now and has introduced general aviation charges for private planes. These charges are for private plane operators at the six of its airports. It has been said that a total of just two people are familiar with the development. Now to know everything regarding the general aviation charges read this article till the end of this article and do not miss anything.

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It has been recently announced that the operator is currently levying over Rs. 1,000 for every single passenger on private aircraft operators for the week. It has been said that one of the people has stated on the condition of anonymity. Adani Group has seven airports which includes Mumbai and the other new charge has been introduced in the rest of the airports which are in Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Jaipur, Lucknow, Guwahati, and Mangaluru. Adani Group has reported that they handled a total of 7.1 million passengers on September 2023. Also, they handled 23.7% of air passengers in the country. Scroll down and continue reading this article.

The company has officially given a statement in which they have claimed that they are currently looking to take the matter with the stakeholders of the company as it might hurt the business of some small airlines and also might hurt the charter operators because of the inflationary environment in the place. The company has given this statement regarding the condition of anonymity. As per the reports, this is not going to be the first time in history that Adani Groups are going to manage an airport. as it is going to increase the charges for the private jets.

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Reports have shown that in 2021 Lucknow airport increased the charges for private planes ten times higher but later the charges decreased. The conglomerate hiked the ground handling charges some time ago at the Ahmedabad airport because the tariff regulator (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority) complained to the airlines. It has been said that SpiceJet complained to AERA regarding the steep increase at 10 times higher in Ahmedabad. So the AERA called a meeting where Adani Group had written in which they withdrew the increase in the ground handling charges.

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