Across the Obelisk – Some of the Best Characters Ranked

The story mode of Across The Obelisk has fantasy role-playing elements built into the deck-building gameplay. Co-op is an option in the game, so up to four players can choose a group of four heroes, which can be warriors, scouts, mages, or healers.

If you want a real challenge, you can play by yourself, but you’ll have to keep track of four different decks at the same time. When you choose a character, you’ll notice that each playable hero in the four generic roles is different and complicated in its own way. To lead your team to victory, you need to find heroes who work for you and with each other.

Across the Obelisk Characters Ranked

Magnus (Warrior)

Across the Obelisk character Magnus
Across the Obelisk character Magnus

Magnus is a cute werewolf who betrayed his pack. He is the first warrior you can play as when the game starts. Magnus is a great frontline hero because he is good at both defense and offense and can stack and share a lot of Block.

But his kit lets him use a small amount of different debuffs, like Crack, which lets him deal more direct damage, or Bleed, which klls enemies slowly over time. He is also an excellent boy.

Gustav (Scout)

To get Gustav, a frog bard, you have to help him find a new instrument. Gustav is good at dealing damage to the mind and making the rest of the party stronger. He uses the Stanza aura mechanic, which lets different cards be played depending on which Stanza aura Gustav has used. No, he doesn’t sing “Rainbow Connection” at any point in the game, which is a shame.

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Bree (Warrior)

Bree is a deer with armor who looks after the forest. You can’t get to her until you help her on her quest. She moves very well for a warrior, and her specialty is stacking the Thorn aura, which hurts anyone who attacks her. But she doesn’t use a lot of shields, so you can expect to take some damage. Overall, her gear is easy to use, and she makes a great main tank.

Thuls (Scout)

Across the Obelisk character Thuls
Across the Obelisk character Thuls

Thuls is a lizardman assassin who builds up poison faster than any other hero. To get him, you have to beat the boss in the Spider Lair, but it’s worth the trouble. Thuls can easily stack Stealth, which increases the damage you do when you break it. This can lead to some dangerous combos.

When he combines the high damage of his Stealth attacks with the high damage of his Poison attacks, most bosses will de. Just be careful, because poison damage is only done after the enemy’s turn, so if they have time to heal, it could ruin your KO. Other than that, he’s a great character to use for your first win in story mode.

Ottis (Healer)

Ottis, the pig dressed as a priest, is by far the most silly hero. What’s not ridiculous is that he can keep a team alive, and it’s not hard to get him, since he can do this in Act 1.

Ottis is a healer. He gives his allies a shield, which works well with most warriors, and he curses enemies with Sanctify, which gives health back to anyone who attacks the target. Ottis’s starting deck has several low-cost heals, so he’s ready to jump into the fight with little to no preparation.

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Wilbur (Mage)

Wilbur is a gnome wizard who likes to play with electricity and likes to fix things. He is hard to get to at first, and his quest doesn’t end until Act 4, but the wait is well worth it. Wilbur is a monster at dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

He does this by stacking the Spark curse on one enemy to do more damage to the enemies around it. By taking care of the Wet curse, he also makes sure that his electricity is stronger.

Reginald (Healer)

Across the Obelisk character Reginald
Across the Obelisk character Reginald

Reginald, Andrin’s brother, is the first healer you can play as at the start of the game. He is very good at healing. Reginald’s cheap healing cards and skills like “Focus Heal,” which makes your next healing card work 100% better, let him bring multiple party members back from the brink of deth in a single turn.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of Reginald’s damage-based playstyle, which revolves around his cheap holy spells and his Bless aura, which heals more and does more damage with each stack.

Heiner (Warrior)

Heiner is a magical golem that you have to fix as part of a quest before you can play as him. Heiner specializes in Block and Shield auras, which make them the perfect frontline tank.

They can take a lot of damage and share some of their defenses with the rest of the party. And if you combine Heiner’s special ability with the card Shield Throw, which lets you deal damage to an enemy equal to the amount of Block the attacker has, you might be able to kll several enemies with just one hit.

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Sylvie (Scout)

Sylvie is a typical elf archer. She can be unlocked early in Act 1 by taking a certain path and going through the Blue Portal. Sylvie is the queen of piercing damage because her kit is built around the Sharp aura, which increases damage from piercing and slashing, and the Sight curse, which gives Sylvie herself an extra damage boost.

She is a great choice for your team because she works well with the Sight app and other allies can help her out by giving her buffs.

Nezglekt (Healer)

Across the Obelisk character Nezglekt
Across the Obelisk character Nezglekt

Nezglekt is (basically) a mind flayer, but he is not taking over the minds of your party while driving their enemies insane. Like Wilbur, you can’t get them until Act 4. This makes them a goal for the end of the game. As a healer, Nezglekt’s healing only happens when the enemy gets a debuff. This makes the support role a passive one.

Nezglekt’s use of Insanity, on the other hand, increases their mind damage, heals the party, and makes the enemy do less damage, which is a very powerful tactic at certain stacks. Nezglekt works well with other characters, like Gustav and Sylvie, who hurt enemies in similar ways.

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