2024 United States elections: Republican contenders struggle to secure in second primary debate against Donald Trump

The US presidential Elections in 2024 are on their way. By looking at this there are a lot of controversies right now in the political world. In every election, there are lot of controversy and fighting, but this time there is something more. Currently, the Republican contenders are struggling to secure a second primary debate against the former president of the United States Donald Trump. This is become the biggest controversy in the world of politics right now. This news is in the top headlines on Twitter (X). People are really shocked after listening to this and many are giving their opinion on this debate. Read this article till the last line to know everything about this latest debate.

Donald Trump

Currently, the second presidential primary debate between Donald Trump and republican competitors is going to take place. All the competitors who have participated are aiming to seize a defining moment that might shift the course of the primary race which is right now in the famous of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. There has been a debate hosted at the Ronald Reagen Presidental Foundation & Institue in Simi Valley, California is going to feature seven Republican candidates. Continue to know more.

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump is not going to be present at the debate which is going to take place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute in Simi Valley, California. It is going to start at 9:00 pm ET (01:00 GMT on 28th September 2023, Thursday). All the candidates are going to compete against Donald Trump so that they can secure the Republican Party nomination and they can challenge President Joe Biden as he is going to be the Democratic party candidate in the election of 2024. Scroll down to learn more about this debate.

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According to the reports, even after holding a significant lead over the closet rival in the nomination race with a 37% point advantage it clearly indicates that the recent Reuters?Ipsos poll. It is not known why Donald Trump is going to skip the debate and it is not the first time that he has skipped a debate like this he also skipped the last debate last month which was held in Wisconsin. He is not going to participate in the debate today but he is going to deliver a speech at 8:00 pm ET to a Detroit audience consisting of workers. Because of the speech, he is going to be at the top of the automakers in the country.

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