2023 Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly election: Jawan on polling duty, injured in Naxal attack

In this article, we are going to talk about the Chattisgarh Assembly election 2023. Recently, a Jawan was injured in an IED blast in the Naxal-hit Sukma Tondamarka area. The Konta in Sukma district is voting on 7th November 2023, Tuesday in the Chattisgarh Assembly election phase 1. The injured news of Jawan is currently going viral on social media. This news is currently viral on social media and it is making rounds. People are shocked after listening to the news of Jawan and are sad for him. Many people are giving salutes to him. Thankfully Jawan has just gone injured and he is in this world right now. Now to learn everything about this case, read this article till the end without missing anything.

Chhattisgarh Assembly election

2023 Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly election

According to the source, one jawan of the CRPF COBRA Battalion got injured. He was injured in the IED blast which was triggered by the Naxals in the Tindamarka area of Sukma district on the first phase of the Chattisgarh Assembly election 2023. This incident happened on 6h November 2023, Monday which means today. As we all know today is the day of the Kunta Assembly constituency voting in the first phase of the Chattisgarh Assembly election. Scroll down to learn more.

In the recent incident, the Sukma SP Kiran Chavan claimed that the jawan had been deployed for election duty. Chattisgarh election assembly election voting has started this morning. The voting has been started in the first phase of the Chattisgarh Assembly election in a very tight security of police and paramilitary personnel. They have kept a very strong vigil in the seats in the Naxalite-hit Bastar division. The contingency of Kunta has fallen in the Naxal-affected Sukma district which is going to be polled on 7th November 2023, Monday in the 20 Assembly seats. Continue reading.

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Another attack by Naxal has been reported in one of the Assembly constituencies on the day ahead of the polling in the first phase of the Chattisgarh Assembly election. It has been reported that two polling personnel and the Border Security Force jawan were injured because of the IED blast which was held by the Naxalities in Chattisgarh Kanker district yesterday. This shocking incident happened on 6th November 2023, Monday at around 4:00 pm when the four polling parties were escorted by the security personnel. The BSF constable and two polling personnel got injured because of this incident. More details are to be shared very soon.

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