Youtube New Live Q And A Feature: Makes It Simpler To Manage Questions During Livestreams

Youtube New Live Q And A Feature: YouTube is introducing a new that is aimed to make it easier for producers to connect with viewers during live streams. After the creator initiates a Q&A, the question is pinned to the top of the conversation. After viewers submit questions, creators can choose a favourite and “pin” it so everyone can see what’s being discussed.

Previously, producers had to wade through a deluge of audience questions asked in the live chat. This new function will present questions in a structured format that moderators will find more convenient to work with. You may return to regular live chat after the Q&A session has concluded.

“Live Q&A allows you to create and manage Q&A sessions in the live chat during your streams and Premieres right from Live Control Room (LCR),” YouTube explained in a blog post.

“With Live Q&A, it’s much simpler to foster a sense of community while answering several viewers’ queries along topical lines. You’ll be able to choose this feature alongside Live Polls, another fun way to engage with your viewers.

YouTube claims that queries are sorted in order of when they were received, with the earliest questions appearing first. While there is no hard cap on questions, once 200 have been submitted, the oldest questions on the list will be hidden.

Youtube New Live Q And A Feature are handled by the same infrastructure that lets content makers manage live chat. Users with Manager or Editor channel access will be able to administer the Q&A list, which includes viewing the list of questions, choosing which questions to answer, and removing questions, but moderators cannot.

With this update, YouTube hopes to better compete with streaming services like Twitch and TikTok, the latter of which already has its own Q&A system for live videos.

Youtube New Live Q And A Feature
Youtube New Live Q And A Feature

To stay competitive, YouTube has improved its live streaming capabilities. Through YouTube’s Super Thanks feature, subscribers can tip video makers a fixed sum (between $2 and $50) to express their gratitude for the content they’ve created.

Super Chat is a monetization service that the company offers to help content producers earn money from their live broadcasts. Super Stickers is a component geared toward users who wish to interact with the authors of content they enjoy. Last week, YouTube said that it is preparing to roll out a new feature that will let certain producers invite a guest to go live with them.

At launch, co-streaming will only be available on mobile devices, meaning that PC users will be unable to participate. Initially, only a small group of artists will have access to the new function, but YouTube has plans to make co-streaming available to more channels in the future.