Xbox Series X/s Update Adds New Noise Suppression Feature

In addition, there’s a new way to play games on your phone or computer using screenshots that your friends have uploaded. Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox Series X/S that includes a new party chat noise suppression feature.

The firm claims that its product can eliminate party noises including clicks from gamepads, breathing, and other background noises. Select “Parties & conversations,” followed by “Options” from the tutorial that opens when you touch the Xbox button.

Microsoft has promised that noise cancellation for other platforms will be available soon. The business has also introduced a means for mobile and PC users to start games using screenshots their friends have shared.

Players can now just click “Play” when they receive a game clip from a friend and join their buddy’s game in progress in the cloud within their browser. Microsoft has just now unveiled the white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which will be sold at a discount from the black version.

Similar to the black Elite Series 2 controller, but with fewer included extras, is the “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core.”

Players can launch games from friends’ shared captures on mobile and PC
Players can launch games from friends’ shared captures on mobile and PC

The controller, which will be released on September 21st, will now only cost $129.99, down from the original price of $179.99 for the black model. This Christmas season, fans will now be able to design their own Elite Series 2 controllers on the Xbox Design Lab website.