Rumors of Controversial Xbox One Game’s Possible Return

Xbox One: Somewhat divisive and controversial, Xbox One games could be returning, most likely on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. There weren’t many standout exclusives for the Xbox One during the previous generation.

Xbox One’s launch lineup was already lacking in excitement, but the disappointment of a highly anticipated launch exclusive game worsened things. Ryse: Son of Rome is one such video game. Many people were looking forward to the new IP before it came out because of the “next-gen” graphics it featured.

Xbox One
Xbox One

The game looked great for its time, but there wasn’t much else. The game received a Metacritic score of 60 upon release, and its sales fell short of projections.  It significantly impacted the Xbox One’s sluggish and clumsy early days. And if that wasn’t enough, an FTC probe eventually revealed that Microsoft had paid for fake reviews of the game.

Despite this, the game was popular among its target audience. It has become a cult classic among Xbox players and represents the widespread phenomenon of changing public opinion of a game. Even though many people have only negative memories of the game, many have fonder recollections and have been secretly rooting for a sequel. A sequel appears to be in the works.

Developer Crytek recently used Twitter to advertise several open positions at the company. What video game is depicted in the image? A Roman son named Ryse. If there are no plans for the franchise, which, as you may recall, was always intended to be a series, then this seems like a very odd decision.

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There is currently no conclusive evidence. Crytek is better known for Crysis, the game you’d expect to see represented in a job listing rather than a game we haven’t heard about since 2014.

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