Window 11 Tips: How to Use Windows 11’s Task Manager?

Window 11 Tips: Modern operating systems are complex and hidden beneath the surface like an iceberg. In this regard, Windows 11 is not unique. Most people’s daily use of tools and utilities is just the tip of the iceberg.

These are the programs you typically find on your home screen or the Start menu, such as the Control Panel, your web browser, and so on. On the other hand, Windows 11 conceals a wealth of helpful tools just below the surface. The task manager is one such tool.

Following is an examination of the six ways one can launch Windows 11’s task manager. First, we will have a quick definition of the task manager.

Window 11 Tips
Window 11 Tips

What is the task manager?

The Windows 11 task manager is a tool that provides information about the various processes currently active on your computer. The task manager can show you more indicators of your PC’s health.

This is where you’ll get the most up-to-date information about how your computer is performing; from here, you can see which programs are hogging your CPU, memory, and local area network at any given moment. As a result, you can identify the causes of your computer’s poor performance.

The task manager displays the statistics of the front applications and all the background processes, allowing you to see precisely what your computer is doing and how much of the system’s scarce resources each consumes.

You can stop resource-hogging programs and launch fresh ones from the task manager. In sum, the task manager is one of the most effective and valuable tools you’re probably not using to its full potential.

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Six ways to open your Windows 11 task manager

Method 1: Run

The Run application is another fantastic hidden gem that will speed up your workflow and make your life easier. You can open a mini interface with a dialogue box by pressing the Windows key plus R. enter “taskmgr” into the box and press the Enter key to bring up the task manager.

Method 2: Control

Hitting Ctrl+Shift+anyotherkey typically results in a desirable outcome. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape will bring up the task manager in a flash.

Method 3: An alternative

The third is as simple as the first two. Using this method is as simple as pressing Control–Alt–Delete. When you do this, a small menu will appear from which you can access the task manager.

Method 4: Start

If you want to open the Windows 11 task manager, one of the quickest methods is clicking the Start button. To access the task manager, choose a selection from the drop-down menu.

Method 5: Command

This approach requires slightly more effort, but it is still simple. To launch the command prompt, press the Windows key plus the letter R, and then type “cmd” into the box that appears.

Like you did in the Run utility’s dialogue box, you’ll need to type ‘taskmgr’ into a new line when the command prompt utility appears. The task manager will launch.

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Method 6: Search

Most people who upgrade to Windows 11 will choose this approach. All the programs and tools available on your Windows 11 computer may be found in the search box.

If you want a task manager, use the search bar. If you go to the Start menu, you may access the Task Manager by double-clicking the appropriate icon.

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