Why did Luis Rubiales resign from the post? Kiss Video goes viral on social media

In a shocking turn of events, the former Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales stepped down as president of the Spanish soccer federation. This shocking development was made on Sunday, September 10, 2023. Luis Rubiales revealed his decision of resigning as the president of the Spanish soccer federation to Pedro Rocha who is the interim president of the soccer federation. This news was confirmed through a formal announcement made by the federation. The elections for the new president will take place very soon. The shocking resignation of Luis Rubiales came when Spain was planning to host the Football World Cup in 2030. Currently, Morocco, Ukraine, and Portugal are bidding along with Spain to host the Men’s World Cup in 2030. Hence, it was a pivotal time for the Spanish soccer federation.

Luis Rubiales
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Why did Luis Rubiales resign from the post?

The resignation of the now-disgraced Spanish soccer federation president, Luis Rubiales, came amid enormous criticism and legal pressure because of his unprofessional behavior at the Women’s World Cup. Reportedly, the former president of Spain’s soccer federation is accused of sexual assault and coercion. Hermoso accused the former president of the soccer federation two days before the Spanish state prosecutors charged him with coercion and sexual assault. The allegations against Luis Rubiales were levied after he kissed Hermoso following Spain’s victory at the Women’s World Cup. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

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However, Hermoso clearly denied Rubiales’s assertions. Rubiales defended himself by saying it was a consensual act of celebration. But Hermoso contradicted his assertions by stating that the federation has attempted various times to coerce her and her family into supporting Luis Rubiales. This news suddenly gained traction on the internet as well as sparked widespread outrage among people demanding the quick suspension of Luis Rubiales. However, plenty of fans, players, and politicians view this act as an abuse of power and a sexist move. A video of the incident over which Luis Rubiales has been suspended is also going viral on the internet.

Luis Rubiales Kiss Video Explained

The then president of the Spanish soccer federation, Luis Rubiales kissed Spain’s player Jenni Hermoso on her lips allegedly without her consent. The post-match celebration of Luis Rubiales was also televised on the screens. This incident has left a dent in Luis Rubiales’s reputation forcing him to step down from his post. His unprofessional behavior also raised questions about sexism and abuse of power in sports in Spain.