WATCH: DeSoto County Bus Driver Video Viral, Desoto County Bus Incident

These days, the crime rate has been extended to such an extent that no country is safe now, as multiple people with spoiled intentions are living next to us. Something quite unfortunate took place again in Desoto where a bus driver tried to take the school-going children hostage inside the bus. Yes, you heard right, this horrific act was done by a man who was running the school bus and not letting the children out of the premises after reaching their homes. So in the details given below, you can find everything out along with some unknown facts.


DeSoto County Bus Driver Video Viral

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident took place on Thursday at noon when the children were heading to their homes after completing school hours. But the bus driver was adamant and trying to threaten the children while asking them to shut down and sit without saying anything even though he was trying to do something beyond their expectations spontaneously the parents of those children rushed to take their children and became the witness of the accident as they started shooting while breaking the bus window because at any cost they just wanted to take their child.

YouTube video

De Soto School Bus Tragedy

Reportedly, the entire incident had been captured by a person who was also shouting at the driver to open the doors without any interruption and meanwhile, he just posted the video on social media while tagging the school at the time of sharing the bus number so that, the school management can take an action against him without any further ado because such incidents can be challenged again. So, therefore, it is said that the school authorities have suspended the driver and taking strict actions against him while sending his name to the blacklist because of which, he will not be able to work anywhere else.

Besides all these, ever since the video went viral on social networking sites uncounted started posting their reactions while condemning the actions of the driver as well as criticizing the school management because how could they not recognize the intention of their member who was holding such spoiled intentions? In short, the school’s reputation has also been damaged in a certain manner as now the parents are saying that zero risk does not exist, and now they are expecting tight security of their children in the school. So when something comes out we will update you, Stay connected with us and follow Techballad.