The VW Star Trek Office Chair Concept Is An Interactive Futuristic Chair That Aims To Improve Office Comfort And Ergonomics

VW Star Trek Office Chair Concept: Tell me, how satisfied are you with your desk seat? Does it round out your gaming battle station? When you see what Volkswagen Norway has done, you’ll be overwhelmed with burning envy.

As a marketing stunt, the car company has created a chair that not only looks fit for a Starfleet captain but can also drive itself around the office on its five wheels at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour (roughly 12 miles per hour), which is incredibly fast for a seat, especially one with several swivelling wheels. 

VW Star Trek Office Chair Concept

The company boasts a claimed range of 12 kilometres, or about 7.5 miles, on a single charge of its removable battery. It has more features than my previous vehicle, including a touchscreen display, a USB charger, a tow hitch, and 360-degree collision avoidance sensors.

It also has an embroidered heated seat, party lights, a backup camera with full guidance, and a heated steering wheel. Standard equipment includes high-efficiency lighting device (HUD) bulbs, a seatbelt, and a horn. In addition, there is a “trunk” (really just a pocket) that can hold your laptop and paperwork. It has a volume of 0.17 cubic feet.

Here’s a video that shows the process of making it as well as the finished product. From the looks of things, it evolved from a simple hoverboard attached to an office chair.

YouTube video

Assuming, of course, that this is all true. Volkswagen has been caught in the past telling lies to the public. This time around, the company isn’t hiding the fact that this is just a publicity stunt; in fact, they say as much by saying things like, “it will be available for test drives at various locations.” That bodes well for the day when Norwegians finally get to demonstrate the country’s strengths.

Alternatively, they could loan us one for a few days here at The Verge and we’d be more than happy to give it a try.