Vivo V2313A 3C Certified: It Could Be An Upcoming Y-Series Phone

The Vivo V2313A has recently obtained the 3C certification, indicating its compatibility with the upcoming 5G network. Moreover, it is speculated that this phone might be accompanied by a 44W charger, which hints at impressive charging capabilities. However, it is currently unknown what the final marketing name of the V2313A will be. Initially, when the device was spotted during radio certification last month, experts speculated that it could belong to the Vivo X10 series. However, the charging specifications of the V2313A suggest that it might actually be an upcoming addition to the Y-series lineup.

Vivo V2313A 3C Certified

Taking a look at Vivo’s recent releases, earlier this year, the company introduced the Vivo X Flip, marking its entrance into the clamshell phone market with a foldable screen. The X Flip model boasted support for 44W fast charging. Considering this, there is a possibility that the V2313A is an upgraded variant of the X Flip, possibly named the Vivo X Flip+. Nevertheless, no concrete information has been revealed regarding the existence of such a device, leaving the V2313A more likely to be associated with the Y-series.

In other related news, Vivo has been actively working on various devices catered to different markets. Recently, the company launched the Vivo V29 5G in the European market, equipped with the Snapdragon 778G processor. This device is expected to make its way to Asian markets soon. Additionally, Vivo is rumored to be developing the Vivo X100 5G, powered by the Dimensity 8-series chipset. As for the Chinese market, Vivo is anticipated to announce the Vivo Pad Air tablet in the coming months.

Furthermore, the X100 and X100 Pro, featuring the Dimensity 9300 processor, are speculated to make their debut in China in November of this year. Finally, the X100 Pro+, equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, may be unveiled in the first quarter of 2024, alongside the introduction of the Vivo X Fold 3 foldable phone.

The 3C certification of the Vivo V2313A, along with its potential 44W charger, indicates that it is a 5G-ready phone that may belong to the Y-series of Vivo phones. The final marketing name of the V2313A remains unknown at this time. Vivo’s recent releases, such as the X Flip, suggest that the V2313A could be an upgraded version of the foldable clamshell device. However, until more information is revealed, we can only speculate about its exact nature. With Vivo’s active development of devices for various markets, it is an exciting time for smartphone enthusiasts.