UAW Strike Against Stellantis Hit RAM 1500’s Production

On Monday, October 23, 2023, signs of protest were seen outside the Stellantis Sterling Heights Assembly Plant located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, US. According to the reports, the UAW (United Auto Workers) expanded strike against Stellantis that hit the automaker’s production of the profitable pickup truck (RAM 1500). Kindly note that the strike UAW was not started recently, it is a three-month-old strike that was expanded on Monday, October 23, 2023. Since the United Auto Workers union expanded its strike at Chrysler-parent Stellantis’s largest assembly plant, people throughout the United States have been keen to know all the updates of the war between the automaker company and its workers. Do you what is the motive of this huge strike by UAW? If not, the following sections are waiting for you. Go through this column till the end. Scroll down.


Many people who are unversed have been scrounging the weblogs to know why the workers are expanding their strike against Stellantis. In short, we can say that UAW alleged that the latest walkout by more than 6,000 workers of the automaker for their wages. Workers are demanding an increase in their wages. However, it is said that the proposal presented by the automaker is said to be the worst proposal ever presented for wage increases.

On Monday, October 23, 6800 workers of the Michigan plant of Stellantis went on strike hit affected the production of RAM 1500 pickup trucks. This strike has reportedly affected three big Detroit automakers as a total of 6800 workers have joined the strike at the Michigan plant on Stallantis because of a proposal on wage increase, conversion to full-time status, cost of living adjustments, and temporary worker pay. Do you which are the three affected automakers? The three giant automakers are Ford Motors, Stellantis, and General Motors.

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This strike against the automakers started on September 15, 2023. Over 40,000 workers which is about 27 percent of the Detroit Three automakers’ total workers, started a strike against the company. on Thursday, Stellantis said it is “angered” over the expanded strike after presenting a more generous offer. The company further added, “We left the bargaining table expecting a counter-proposal, but have been waiting for one ever since. The UAW’s continued disturbing strategy of ‘wounding’ all the Detroit Three will have long-lasting consequences. With every decision to strike, the UAW sacrifices domestic market share to non-union competition.” A new proposal is likely to be made by the UAW to Stellantis and General Motors.

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