Twitter Launches ‘Unmentioned’ Feature

Today, Twitter declared that all users across all platforms will be able to use the “Unmentioning” feature. Users are now able to unfollow conversations they don’t want to be a part of thanks to a new tool that Twitter first started testing in April.

The social media juggernaut remarked in a tweet that “you sometimes want to see yourself out.” Unmentioned is now available to everyone on all devices, so take control of your mentions and end a conversation.

All users now have the option to “get you out of this discourse” by choosing the three-dot menu option next to a tweet. The pop-up informs you that if you leave the chat, your username will still be visible in the answers but you won’t be tagged in them. Your Twitter handle will turn grey after you unmention yourself from a tweet, letting people know that you have chosen not to participate in the thread and cannot be added back in. Notifications will also be disabled if you unmention yourself.

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Last year, Twitter revealed an early concept design for its unmentioned feature and gave it a preview. The business stated at the time that it sought to assist users in “controlling unwanted attention.”

As the social network has been incorporating anti-abuse tools into its platform, the feature has now officially launched. Twitter started testing Safety Mode, an anti-abuse feature, in September of last year. This function enables users to block out abuse while they are being harassed. Twitter’s Safety Mode allows users to remove abusive accounts by algorithmically analyzing interactions and interactions between users. In February, the business increased the Safety Mode test.

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Twitter users can specify who is allowed to react to a tweet as part of another anti-abuse tool. Users you follow, the entirety of Twitter, or simply the accounts you mention are the options. Additionally, Twitter has generally gravitated toward granting users greater control and flexibility, including the ability to remove old tweets from websites where they previously appeared.

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