TTF Vasan Bike Accident Video: Youtube vlogger injured while performing bike stunt

Just 24 hours before, a horrific accident occurred which was a big shock to many people as the most famous YouTuber and Moto vlogger, TFF Vasan met with an accident. He has met with a tragic bike accident because of that he has left with many serious injuries. The news of his accident is going viral on the internet. This news has been heavily shared on Twitter (X) since yesterday. He has been left with many serious injuries and because of that, he is in a very serious condition right now. Scroll down to know everything about this accident case.

TTF Vasan Bike Accident
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TTF Vasan Bike Accident Video

TFF Vasan is a well-known Indian YouTuber and Moto Vlogger. He met with a very serious accident yesterday. He suffered from a bike accident. This bike accident occurred as he was trying to do a bike stunt. Doing a bike stunt is very important for him as he is a Moto Vlogger. But doing it with safety is important. When he was trying to attempt a bike stunt so by mistakenly it went wrong and it failed and it turned out as a serious accident. This accident has impacted Vasan’s life and career very badly. Continue reading.

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The accident of the famous Moto Vlogger occurred on the service road of the Chennai-Bengaluru highway which is located near the Kancheepuram. This accident took place on 17th September 2023, Sunday. When this accident occurred the video of this accident was captured and then the video was uploaded on social media. Currently, the accident video of TFF Vasan is viral and it is surrounding all over the internet. When this accident occurred Vasan was immediately taken to the hospital as the police arrived at the scene. According to the reports given by police, the Moto Vlogger was on his way to got to Coimbatore. Scroll down to know more.

According to the source, TFF Vasan was trying to attempt a Wheelie which is a stunt by which the bike is ridden on the front wheel off the ground just for a short distance. While attempting this accident he lost his control and suffered many injuries. When the stunt failed the rider was thrown off the highway into the thicker at the service road and the bike fell on the side of him and then Vasan slipped a few meters away. Currently, Vasan is receiving treatment at a private hospital. May he get well soon.