Toyota Sequoia 2023 Release Date Status, Price, And Specs

The Toyota Sequoia from 2023 is superior in almost every regard. It boasts a significantly improved powertrain that should result in much greater fuel efficiency. The driving experience is improved, and the engine is more powerful.

Today’s technology fits what a consumer wants in a new car. Additionally, the cabin is peaceful and cozy. However, a few issues will be discussed in more detail in the review.

The new hybrid powertrain is among the most notable modifications. This component, like many others, is a result of Toyota’s entire redesign of the Tundra full-size pickup vehicle. The hybrid system and motor are shared by them.

What’s New For The 2023 Toyota Sequoia? 

  • A new, full-sized SUV that is designed for the third generation
  • Based on the all-new Toyota Tundra
  • Standard hybrid drive train made of gas.
  • Dramatic technology advancements
  • Tows up to 9,000 lbs.
  • Built-in San Antonio, Texas
  • The release date is summer 2022

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2023 Toyota Sequoia Powertrain

A twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 and an electric motor are both used in the new powertrain. The 10-speed automatic transmission that connects it to the hybrid i-FORCE MAX powerplant is a trademark of Toyota. It has a 437 hp and a 583 lb-ft torque output.

Even though the national average price of standard-grade gasoline is currently $5 per gallon, Toyota has not yet disclosed the 2023 Sequoia’s fuel economy ratings. According to the EPA, the current model is terrible, only achieving 13 mpg in city driving. However, given that they share a similar base, as well as a lot of the same style and components, the new Sequoia will function much more similarly to the Tundra.

The Hybrid 2022 Toyota Tundra gets 22 mpg combined, 24 mpg on the interstate, and 20 mpg in the city, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Customers should therefore anticipate an improvement of roughly 50% over the previous Sequoia.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Towing And Payload Capacity

For the majority of uses, its towing and payload capabilities are more than adequate. The towing capacity of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia ranges between 8,980 and 9,520 pounds. Due to the weight of the 4WD system, the SUV’s maximum limit varies depending on whether it has four wheels or two.

The limit is further lowered by the additional stuff in the higher trim levels. However, even at the low end, there is sufficient room to tow a boat, a trailer, or other machinery weighing 5,000 pounds. The same factor that causes variances in towing capability also causes a range in payloads of 1,435 to 1,730.

Customers cherish a Sequoia’s ability to tow, haul, and haul more than anything else, although some may desire to drive the SUV far into the mud. For additional four-wheel-drive trim levels, Toyota offers a TRD Pro configuration or a TRD off-road package as an answer.

The suitability of those versions was demonstrated by a romp through the mud and muck in the Texas hills near Denton. But for those who truly want to tackle the trails, there are superior off-road cars available, notably compact SUVs like the Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Technology

The original Sequoia lagged behind competitors in technology as well. The older model had a 7-inch touchscreen, which was inferior to those seen on most phones. A regular 8-inch version that at least matches a phone is now included with the base SR5 trim level.

The other trims have a sizable horizontal touchscreen that measures 14 inches and is simple to see and use. The additional technology seen in the new Tundra is also being added by Toyota.

This incorporates a Google cloud-based entertainment and navigation system that users can access using the voice command “Hey Toyota.” Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay are included as standard.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Safety

Toyota has also included a tonne of automatic safety features in the new Sequoia. These include forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking for cyclists and pedestrians. Every Sequoia also comes equipped with adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring.

There are still a few bugs present despite the improvements. For instance, the moonroof system may be too intrusive in the second row of seats for a tall individual to feel comfortable.

The location of the hybrid powertrain’s battery places restrictions on available cargo space. And even when positioned furthest forward to allow for the most cargo capacity, the majority of people won’t find the third row usable for seats.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Price

Later this summer, sales of the new Sequoia begin. For the SR5, the two-wheel-drive version starts at $58,300.

The options increase to $78,300 for the opulent Capstone model. There is an extra $1,495 delivery charge for each model.

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