Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Does Tokyo Revengers have a good ending?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Ken Wakui creates the manga series Tokyo Revengers for Japanese readers. As of November 2022, 30 tankbon volumes had been released, collecting chapters initially published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine from March 2017 through November 2022.

This story was adapted into an anime TV series by Liden Films, which aired from April to September 2021.

When the second season finally returns in January of 2023, fans can expect the premiere then. The first film based on the novel was released in Japan in July 2021, and a sequel is scheduled for 2023.

A total of over 70 million copies of the manga had been printed as of December 2022, making it one of the most popular manga series ever. Tokyo Revengers took home the shnen award at the 44th annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2020.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2
Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

According to the official website, the second season of Tokyo Revengers will debut on January 8, 2023, at 2:08 a.m. JST. Disney+ and Disney+Hotstar will offer live-streaming access to the season after it aired on MBS in Japan.

The Christmas Showdown arc, which centers on the conflict between the Tokyo Manji and the 10th generation of the Black Dragons Gang, will be adapted for season 2 of Tokyo Revengers. Taiju Shiba, leader of the Black Dragons, will be making his debut here.

What To Expect From Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

Tokyo Revengers season 2 will center on the Shiba siblings since it is based on the Christmas Showdown arc. There is tension between Taiju Shiba (Tomokazu Sugita, Gintoki Sakata in Gintama, Gyoumei Himejima in Demon Slayer) and his younger siblings Yuzuha (Mikako Komatsu, Maki Zen’in in Jujutsu Kaisen, Neko in K), and Hakkai (Tasuku Hatanaka) (Denki Kaminari in My Hero Academia, Reki Kyan in Sk8 Infinity).

Seishu Inui and Hajime Kokonoi, two characters who appeared in the first season’s finale, will play pivotal roles in this and subsequent storylines. Junya Enoki (Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen, Panacotta Fugo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind) and Natsuki Hanae (Kokonoi in the same series) provide the voices, respectively, for Inui and Kokonoi (Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer, Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul).

Takashi Mitsuya, the leader of Toman’s second division, will also play a significant role in the upcoming second season of Tokyo Revengers. He has a long friendship and cooperation with Hakkai, who serves as his vice-captain. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka provides the voice of Mitsuya (Yukihira Soma from Food Wars, Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer).

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the original voice of Draken, has been replaced by Masaya Fukunishi, a new voice actor, and Rumi Matsumoto, the original art director, will be replaced by Manabu Ostuzuki in Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Once only available on Crunchyroll, Tokyo Revengers is now available on Disney Plus and Hotstar in Japan and select Asian countries, with new episodes being added as they air.

What this means for fans in other countries is unclear at this time. Even though new episodes of Disney shows may be added weekly to Disney Plus in the United States and other countries, they may be delayed or added to other services, such as Hulu and Star Plus.

Does Tokyo Revengers have a good ending?

Everyone from the series appears at the wedding of Takemichi and Hinata, making it a happy ending for all. This is the kind of feel-good conclusion the show has been working toward from the start.

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