Surprises and Setbacks Await Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Review!

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Episode 1 of season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers,” also known as “Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown,” is titled “It is what it is,” and it depicts Takemichi being saved by Kazutora just as the latter is about to shoot him dead, much like Chifuyu was.

Despite being saved by Kazutora, he is not pleased with the current state of the Tokyo Manji Gang, which has become corrupt due to its collusion with Black Dragon.

Takemichi’s understanding of the new timeline is aided by the conversation, but he winds up in jail after meeting Naoto on murder charges.

Here’s a rundown of what happened at the end of “Tokyo Revengers,” also known as “Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown,” episode 1 of season 2. The following contains SPOILERS!

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Review 

After killing Chifuyu, Kisaki now suspects Takemichi of being a traitor and tries to frame him for the crime. Takemichi is shot in the leg. Later, when Takemichi regains consciousness, he finds himself near a river with a banged-up leg.

Kazutora has come to his aid, but it turns out that he was hoping to save Chifuyu all along. Kazutora expresses his disappointment in Toman openly, reminding Takemichi of their shared hopes for a new age of hoodlums. Unfortunately, Toman has been corrupted by money and is no longer what it aspired to be.

Just before he passed away, Kazutora had a conversation with Chifuyu about restoring Toman to its former glory. Unfortunately, he had to fight without any assistance from Takemichi, and he did not even trust him.

Kazutora explains to Takemichi that Mikey is to blame for the corruption in Toman when the latter tries to find out more about the origins of the problem. He will never be normal again because of the corrupting influences of Black Dragon’s wealth and Kisaki’s brutality.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending

Eventually, after a lengthy conversation, Kazutora pulls over to a side alley and asks Takemichi to exit the vehicle. Someone is waiting for him in the alley, he says. Takemichi seems relieved to see Naoto, but his joy is short-lived when he is arrested for murder.

Naoto has a private conversation with him, later on, to explain what’s going on. The more Takemichi altered the past, the more his timeline diverged from reality. Takemichi rose to prominence in Toman while Naoto remained a police officer.

Though things were different, Atsushi Sendo still managed to kill Hinata on August 10th despite the alterations. The trio of Naoto, Chifuyu, and Kazutora set out to gather evidence that could be used against Kisaki.

After that, he reveals to Takemichi some hidden videos that Chifuyu filmed for some reason. Takemichi gives Atsushi Sendo a kill order in one of these but doesn’t know the target’s identity. He only knows that Toman found the person annoying and that Toman wants them dead.

In a second clip, an angry Takemichi destroys some furniture, seemingly in his own regret for giving orders to Atsushi that ultimately resulted in Hinata’s death.

Chifuyu had the videos, but he never showed them to anyone to try and help Takemichi. Takemichi, understandably shaken by the news, collapses to the floor. Naoto tries to console him as he sobs, but he insists that he was probably being used.

Takemichi has lost interest in continuing because he has noticed that eventually, the outcomes are always the same.

Naoto then points out to him that he is only still breathing thanks to his intervention. Because of his efforts, he says, they learned so much, and even though Hinata keeps dying in every timeline, at least they made progress.

In what way can Hinata’s life be saved?

After Naoto has calmed Takemichi down, he offers some insightful commentary on their current predicament. He says that no matter what they do, Kisaki always gets what he wants, and Hinata keeps dying for no apparent reason.

Naoto can only conclude that this isn’t a coincidence. Kisaki probably has a serious crush on Hinata and Takemichi. Given that Kisaki had previously referred to him as his hero, an attempt at murder makes perfect sense.

Naoto tells Takemichi that since he is about to be sent to the detention center, he has one last chance to change the past. Takemichi agrees, and when he travels back in time, he meets Hinata and the two of them go bowling. A strike streak of four makes him look over and see Hakkai Shiba playing next to him.

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