Fact check: Is Theodore Barrett involved in a accident? Find out the truth

There are many people who have been extremely curious and perplexed as well to know about Theodore Barrett. This name very frequently comes across on social media nowadays because there is a video with the title “Theodore Barrett’s wife’s car accident” going viral and leaving netizens in a frenzy to know what happened to Theodore Barrett’s wife. But there is a cliche about Theodore Barrett that very few know about. In the viral video, Theodore Barrett can be seen talking about the tragic death of his wife, very casually like nothing happened to him. This is the reason Theodore Barrett’s video is going viral and sparking a widespread discussion over it. But when we investigated Theodore Barrett’s viral video, we found some shocking facts about it. Take a look below and find more information.

Theodore Barrett
Image Credit: India Today

Who Is Theodore Barrett?

Theodore Barrett is a fictional character. Yes, you read it right, Theodore Barrett is not an American deputy press secretary. It is a fictional character that was created by a satirical news website named “The Onion”. The viral video depicts Theodore Barrett as a US Deputy Press Secretary holding a news conference at the White House. Furthermore, the alleged US Deputy Press Secretary talks about the tragic death of his wife, Janie Barrett.

In the press conference held right after his wife’s death, Theodore Barrett said his wife Jaine Barrett died in a car accident in 2008. Upon watching a White House official casually talking about his wife’s death in a car accident, people started criticizing him and calling him rude and inappropriate. As Theodore Barrett appeared calm and normal despite the tragic death of his wife, people on the internet found it very shocking that he was prioritizing the US President’s agenda and national issues over his wife’s death in the video.

But there is not and was never a person with the name “Theodore Barrett” in the White House and served as a Deputy Press Secretary. Further investigation unfolded, and the ongoing viral clip was posted on the internet by The Onion in March 2008. It is a satirical news website that operates from Chicago. This website has over 20 million followers around the world. The innocent people found this satirical video of Theodore Barrett too serious leading to a huge perplexion. The Onion created a fictional character named “Theodore Barrett” holding a press conference on a YouTube channel. Stay tuned to this website.