Telegram Unveils Spoiler-Hiding Media Feature and More in Latest Update!

Telegram: As the year ended, Telegram made a huge splash. In the waning days of 2022, the messaging app released an update with numerous new features and enhancements to existing ones.

Users of Telegram will soon have a new option to avoid spoilers. In addition to these features, the update also includes some new drawing tools and the ability to have profile pictures suggested to you.

Telegram can now cover photos and videos with a layer that blurs the image and supports spoiler formatting to hide text in messages.


If the recipient changes their mind and wants to see the spoiler, they or they can easily remove the blur by tapping once. Select one or more attachments, tap the three dots icon and select “Hide with Spoiler” to use the new hidden media feature.

The latest version of Telegram includes the option to restrict access to content that contains spoilers, as well as other improvements.

The latest update also shrinks the amount of space Telegram uses on your phone, which is a nice touch.

That’s now a reality, thanks to the introduction of configurable auto-removal settings for cached media in Private Chats, Groups, and Channels (with some exceptions for specific chats).

Using the individual tabs for Media, Files, and Music, you can see exactly what is taking up space and delete it if you choose.

In a move that Android users have been enjoying for some time, Telegram has announced that they have shortened the time it takes the app to calculate the app’s cache size for iOS users.

We’ve also updated the text editing and drawing tools. Drawing tools automatically smooth lines and dynamically change width based on drawing speed in the app’s redesigned media editor.

There’s also a new blur tool for sending sensitive information and five precise methods of color selection.

In addition, you can now customize the font, color, and background of any text you add to a picture or video.

Additionally, it is essential to note that all users, regardless of whether they have a Telegram Premium subscription, can add custom animated emojis to text on images.

Finally, the most recent version of Telegram includes support for user-uploaded profile pictures. If you want to distinguish one of your contacts from another, you must select a photo from among those you’ve stored. Naturally, no one else can see it on their profile but you.

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