Tech Firms Nudge Staffers Back To Offices

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest technology services firm, has reportedly instructed certain teams to shift to a five-day workweek in the office, departing from the earlier hybrid model. An employee reported receiving an email a few weeks ago, altering the previous three-day-a-week arrangement to a now mandatory five days in the office. However, it’s clarified that this change is not company-wide; instead, it depends on individual team managers. Some projects may require daily office attendance, while others continue with the three-day-a-week model.


TCS has not officially commented on this shift, citing a silent period. In June, TCS’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Milind Lakkad, stated that working from the office encourages more collaboration, especially among newcomers and junior management. He highlighted the challenges faced by more junior employees in building social capital and stressed that crucial aspects like collaboration, mentorship, and team-building had suffered during the remote work period. “We believe the future of work is hybrid, and have adopted a flexible approach in our policies, keeping the requirements of our clients and employees as our foremost priority. Collaboration and innovation through shared perspectives is the foundation of a high-performing culture. Since May, all employees are being encouraged to work from the office, any three days of their choice, in a week,” said Wipro. HCL and Infosys did not respond to Mint’s queries.

Despite this move by TCS, the broader IT industry encounters resistance from employees regarding a return to the office. While some companies, like Wipro, have embraced a three-day workweek policy, HCL Technologies applies a similar policy for senior managers, offering more flexibility for those in lower positions. Infosys mandates employees to show up at least once a week for most teams, and reportedly, compliance is higher. Wipro emphasized a belief in the hybrid work model, adopting a flexible approach prioritizing the requirements of clients and employees. Since May, Wipro has encouraged all employees to work from the office for any three days of their choice each week. Queries from Mint to HCL and Infosys received no response.

IT firms are urging their employees to return to the office not only for the sake of data security but also to minimize moonlighting. The job market in the tech sector has slowed down after a year of intense hiring activity, leaving employees with limited alternatives but to comply with the return-to-office directives.