Farewell Spellbreak: Players bid farewell as servers shut down for the last time!

Spellbreak: When Spellbreak’s servers were finally turned off, players gathered to say their final goodbyes. Rather than using firearms, players in Spellbreak cast spells at each other. The game has been discontinued after only a few brief years on the market.

Spellbreak’s release in 2020 was met with acclaim, and the game’s magical twist on the formula led to plenty of player exploration. In addition to its well-implemented battle royale mechanics, Spellbreak stood out due to its innovative magic combination system.

Unfortunately, in June of last year, Proletariat, the game’s developer, announced that it would be ending the game.

Although it wasn’t explicitly stated at the time of the announcement, the fact that Spellbreak had relatively few players despite critical acclaim and innovative gameplay was likely the primary factor in the decision.


A short time after the announcement, rumors circulated that Blizzard would be acquiring Proletariat. Several months after the agreement was finalized, Spellbreak held its last performance. For the final moments of the game, Twitch streamer IXITimmyIXI gathered a group of subscribers and fellow streamers for a series of nonviolent matches.

In the final hour of the game, the players danced, talked, and cast spells at each other without animosity. A brief clip of the ‘Spellstorm,’ Spellbreak’s equivalent to Fortnite’s ‘Toxic Storm,’ closing in on the players was also shared by IXITimmyIXI at the end of the match.

During the clip’s opening sequence, IXITimmyIXI’s avatar is seen in the middle of the screen using a cheer emote, surrounded by other players wearing a wide variety of skins.

Even though the looming Spellstorm is plain to see in the distance, the gathered players don’t seem to care as they unleash a barrage of spells in an attempt to create the most devastating possible magical explosion. An excellent conclusion to Spellbreak’s story.

Even though this is the end of the game as far as the developers are concerned, IXITimmyIXI talks about a Spellbreak community server throughout the entirety of the recorded broadcast. To hear him tell it, fans should get together in the community’s Discord.

Since he and his fellow developers are unaware of the legal ramifications of such an endeavor, he also puts out a call to fans who are interested in contributing to the development and those with experience in such matters.

Since Blizzard reallocated Proletariat developers, all of the original minds behind the game are now scattered, it’s comforting to know the game may have a life within the community regardless of the outcome.

Players who choose not to join the community server after it closes will still have access to a wide variety of excellent battle royale titles. Though it’s highly unlikely that any other will have the same magical infusion that Spellbreak has.

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