Snapback rope accident Reddit video leaves social media in shocks

Currently, the most famous social media application Reddit, is filled with a horrific accident. These accident clips have disturbed the public. On social media, there is an accident video that is currently going viral and it is trending right now. This video contains very disturbing content. It is the content of a recent tragic accident. By watching this accident video many people have said that this accident video reminds of the first scene from the movie Ghost Ship. People are really shocked after watching the video. Users are left traumatized after watching this video. To know about the accident read this article till the end.

Boat snapback rope accident Reddit video
(Image via Reddit)

Snapback rope accident Reddit video

An incident video is viral on the internet which has shattered the whole internet right now. A snapback rope accident video has given a big shock to the users. This is a very disturbing video. This video contains a very horrific accident that has taken the life of an individual. This video is currently trending on Reddit. This is not a current video but this is a video that was posted 2 years ago by the username u/milkmoneyk. But now after 2 years, this video has become viral and it continues to grow viral on various platforms. The title of this incident video has been given Finale Destination, Sailor in Freaky Accident. This is a 16-second short clip that has become life-threatening.

Finale Destination, Sailor Dies in Freaky Accident

The 16-second clip has become really shocking for users. This video has been heavily shared by users. One of the users Jimbo-Slice259 claimed that such an accident called a snapback. This accident occurred because of the heavy weight of such ropes which are very hard to manage. People were also warned not to go near the mooring lines when they are under tension which can lead to a tragic incident.

Netizens’ Reaction Toward This Cideo Mooring Line Snapback Video

Many internet users are in a devastating state after watching this horrific incident video. In this video, a man accidentally died because of that people are very sad regarding watching this video. The identity of the deceased man has not been revealed. One of the users wrote a sad case of complacency or lack of education. Another user wrote this incident reminds us of the first scene of the movie Ghost Ship. This video is now being heavily shared by millions of users on Reddit.