Scorn Walkthrough Act 3: How Can I Finish Act 3 Nodes Puzzles?

Scorn is aesthetically pleasing, but it may also make your stomach turn if you’re having a bad day. The setting you’re skulking around in was likely inspired by the works of artists like H. R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksiski, as it is highly visual and violent.

Perhaps the world of Scorn is active at this time. I keep telling myself that it isn’t so that I can sleep at night. As you walk through the maze of tunnels and try to make sense of your alien surroundings, you can’t help but feel like you’re being suffocated and devoured by the walls.

This sensation is even more pervasive in Act 3 of Scorn than in the preceding chapters, so buckle up for a wild ride. This walkthrough details the third and final act of Scorn. Like any other walkthrough, this one contains a disclaimer about potential spoilers.

How do I complete Act 3 of Scorn?

Act 3 is presented all at once, unlike Acts 1 and 2. Your Act save sites are well-located, so you shouldn’t stress too much about the impending peril.

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Scorn Act 3 Part 1 Walkthrough

You’ll find yourself in a chamber with three separate exits. Follow the way ahead until you reach the device in the image below. Then, use your newly acquired door-opening equipment to ostensibly “improve” the machine.

It would help if you now traveled back to where you first entered the Act, but this time turn left through the door. Now that the tool has been improved with two lights, you won’t have trouble unlocking the door.

It would help if you kept going until you reached a pillar your weapon could trigger. Activate it to temporarily halt the big mechanical vent in front of you, allowing you to pass through it.

You’ll need to stop a third mechanical vent from moving by interacting with a pillar in the next chamber. After that, you’ll find a new exit, although getting there will require going up a level. You should either run away from or try to kill the tiny creature that just appeared and is spewing acid.

To reactivate the initial vent, return to the first pillar you triggered with your weapon and repeat the previous steps. The next step is to ascend to the level where you initially entered the Act and leave through the central door. Your redirected route is open for business at this point.

You need to move the hanging cube in front of you by interacting with the two-handed pillar in the next chamber. Enter the cube at your leisure.

Reenter the room and use your key to open the next pillar. Next, go down the newly exposed path caused by the relocation of the next cube. Again, watch out for enemies that can spit acid.

To the right of this walkway will be two more pillars and what appears to be a machine holding the cubes you’ve already seen. There are other tunnels off to your left.

To stab the crab-like thing we discovered before, go straight ahead until you reach the machine depicted below. Even though I didn’t understand its purpose when we first saw a comparable gadget in Act 2, I now know that it can be used to heal you! In my estimation, this equipment restores your health.

Exit the machine and return to the intersection, but this time bear left to access other tunnels. When presented with a fork in the road, continue straight into a second cube and turn right. After circling the area for a short period, you’ll reach a new area with a second pillar that requires two people to operate. When you use it, a brand new cube appears.

There is another doorway out of this area to your right but beware of the acid-spitting monster lurking within. Take this exit, go straight, and use the crab-stabbing healing machine on the right.

When you enter the room depicted below, head to the right until you reach the end. Unfortunately, an acid-spitting monster stands in your way, so you’ll have to kill it or convince it to leave the tunnel.

When you go to the next level, you’ll find another pillar that requires both hands to move. Using it will cause the cube to rise to even greater heights. There will be a swarm of acid-spitting monsters. Just deal with them, or run right by them if you can’t. The three pedestals are on the right, and you should talk to the left one.

That will shift a cube ahead, making way for you. When the cube reaches your level, you can rush to the cleared path and enter it. After the short cutscene, proceed to the right and left to join a chamber with two machines. The upgrade mechanism for your alien crab is underneath.

Get your weapon upgraded by using the machine behind you.

The next challenge may be the most challenging you’ve encountered in Scorn, so be sure to bring your A-game when you leave this room and proceed toward the pillar pictured below.

You’re looking for a state where each of the puzzle’s four nodes is lit up. To activate all four nodes, you must first break the connecting lever between the top two nodes using the node in the middle.

Because of the damaged connecting lever, you may now use the little triangles on each node to determine how many times you need to crank it before it lights up. You may then spin the various nodes into place using this information (or trial and error). You can use the pillar next to the puzzle to obtain a component for the aforementioned pedestals when all four are activated.

Use the tool to teleport back into the cube and circle back to the three pillars.

You can clear a new path if you insert the tool you just received. You can follow this alternate route by entering the cube and exiting it once it has descended one level. Then, on this level, find the nearby pillar and begin a new puzzle involving nodes. You’ll have to fiddle with levers and nodes until all five lights come on.

You should also know that this floor houses yet another of the crab-stabbing heal machines.

Once you have solved the problem, return to the pedestals by hopping back into the cube. Put here the method you just discovered. This will allow you to bypass one final roadblock. You should get back in the cube elevator, ride it up to the floor you just finished clearing, and exit.

After exploring, you’ll return to the area with the cube-grabbing machine and the two pillars. If you are lost, please refer to the map below.

Instead of continuing straight forward into another cube bonanza, turn left when facing the machine. Then, rather than exploring the rooms, come here to activate the pillar. The cube you collected will subsequently be grabbed by a machine and relocated.

Bring the cube-grabbing machine and the two pillars back to the platform. To advance a tier, approach the first pillar and use it. Then operate the device itself using the second pillar. Then, grab the cube you just shifted and place it under the claw on the right. You need to use the post on the platform to make your request to relocate the cube and then reenter the slashed cube.

Proceed past the brief scene change. If you haven’t already, you can improve your crab-like healing item by clicking the button on the right. Just keep moving forward while the path twists and turns.

At some point, you’ll enter the chamber depicted above. Putting your weapon back into melee shape is a prerequisite to using the pillar up ahead.

After activating the pillar, you’ll be able to leave by the door on the left side of the chamber. You’ll want to get back to your left, but this time you’ll want to tread carefully since a very hostile monster who’s just as chicken-like and slimy as the rest is on your trail.

Follow the monster to the left again (he’ll probably follow you), and you’ll be spitting out by a pillar that requires your melee weapon. If you push it, another gate will open, leading you to a new location.

Not that finding your way around Scorn wasn’t already difficult, but now it does feel like a maze. Proceed around the bend and use the second available door. You’ll find yourself back in the original room with only one way out.

After making another right, you’ll reach an elevator; ride it to the next floor. Next, exit the elevator and head to the right to locate a third pillar that needs to be activated using your melee weapon. This will cause a vent to shift, giving you more space to manoeuvre.

Just ride the elevator to the basement and make a left through the new passageway. You will enter a room with a burning red mass in the middle and another pillar to the right. You can smash the post with your melee weapon and enter a new room.

There’s a brand-new machine over here. If you choose to engage it, the earlier tool you used to unlock the door will be upgraded once again.

You can get back to the elevator by using the pillar you saw earlier. Take care to avoid the wild beast that has tracked you down once more. When you’re ready to get away from the monster, ride the elevator back up a floor.

Next, turn left instead of right. There’s a door you can enter successfully now.

As soon as you go in, you’ll see a crab-stabbing healing machine on your left. So, proceed to the cube in front of you and take a position there.

Get out of the cube and move forward, but watch out for the hanging alien trying to murder you. His ruthlessness is obvious.

Okay, here’s the truth. I was at the stage where I was just trying to outrun my pursuers, so I did that. There are a lot of enemies here, and I’ve found that running away from them is far better for my health than confronting them head-on. As I ran, I kept veering to the left and eventually found myself down here.

When you pass the monster and take the well-marked exit, you’ll come to a magnificent elevator shaft. As you reach the top (or bottom, I’m not sure which) of the stairwell, activate it to signal the end of Act 3.