Saints Row’s First Update Includes A Large Number Of Bug Fixes

Saints Row is a remake of a wildly bizarre series that brings the formula back to earth a bit while remaining far crazier than its rivals. Volition has announced in a new article that they would continue to maintain and support the game until 2023. The development team plans to hone in on fixing existing issues and making the experience more stable.

The developers acknowledge that “there is still work to do to improve your experience in the game,” writing, “We realize there is still work to do to improve your experience in the game.” The developer has begun implementing hotfixes to remedy the game’s issues.

Late in November, the game will receive its first significant update, which will include over 200 additional changes. These improvements will mostly focus on the game’s challenges, overall stability, and cooperative play.

Volition claims in their statement that the upcoming update in November is the beginning of a series of upgrades designed to improve the game’s core experience. These changes include “making challenges more rewarding, better vehicle management, and a rethink of rumble and haptic features.”

To complement these enhancements, complimentary cosmetic updates will be rolled out throughout the rest of 2022. Since Volition is intent on laying the groundwork for the game over the next year, fans will have to wait until 2023 to experience fresh story content and gameplay that allows them to explore new sections of the city.