Geforce Now Ultimate Adds RTX 4080 Graphics to Streaming

RTX 4080 Graphics: If the $1,199 price tag of the RTX 4080 is keeping you from adopting NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture, the company’s cloud gaming service gives you access to one of the most powerful GPUs available.

NVIDIA has launched a new GeForce Now tier in tandem with the release of the RTX 4070 Ti (formerly the RTX 4080). The new Ultimate tier will replace the current RTX 3080 plan and provide users with access to servers equipped with RTX 4080 GPUs.

RTX 4080 Graphics
RTX 4080 Graphics

You might anticipate some enhancements as a result of the change. With full support for hardware-based ray tracing and NVIDIA’s recently introduced DLSS 3 frame generation technology, you may play games at up to 240 frames per second, to begin with.

You may take use of GeForce Now’s new frame pacing technology if you have a G Sync monitor and are playing a game that supports the company’s Reflex Low Latency Mode. NVIDIA claims that its technology drastically cuts down on input lag when using the cloud.

We’ve contacted NVIDIA to find out if users with G-Sync Compatible displays would be able to take use of this. Those with 4K screens may now play games at up to 120 frames per second, thanks to NVIDIA’s addition of support for ultrawide resolutions.

Already an RTX 3080 member? NVIDIA will upgrade your account to the new tier without charging you a dime. Later this month, the first RTX 4080 servers will become available in North America and Europe, with further availability in other areas over the following months.

Similarly to the previous RTX 3080 plan, the new one will cost $100 for the first six months or $20 each month. Additionally, NVIDIA will keep its Priority subscriptions at $10 per month.

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