Red Dead Redemption 3’s Ideal Protagonist Has Already Been Made By Rockstar

One particular guy would be ideal as the prequel’s protagonist if Red Dead Redemption 3 is going to explore the peak of the Wild West. Players have speculated for years about who should play the lead role in Red Dead Redemption 3, but Rockstar Games has already established the ideal protagonist in an earlier game.

Since the beginning of the series, the open-world Wild West games have been set in the past, and RDR2 is a direct prequel to the original game that provides context for several characters. Fans of Red Dead Redemption 3 have their ideas about the game’s story and environment, but the game’s ideal gunslinger hero has already been confirmed to appear.

Even though the second game in the series served as a prequel to the first, it is not required that the third game in the series do the same. On the other hand, many players have voiced their desire for a prequel or perhaps a simultaneous sequel that would continue the story of characters introduced in Red Dead Redemption 2.

A fantastic character to follow would be Charles Smith, who in RDR2 escapes to Canada and, thanks to his mixed African American and Native American ancestry, opens the door to interesting narrative possibilities. Some players would like to see Sadie Adler, the game’s female gunslinger, continue her story in Red Dead Redemption 3 after she escaped to South America in the wake of the events of Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, Landon Ricketts would be a great protagonist if Red Dead Redemption 3 is another prequel. Ricketts, a famed yet elderly gunslinger, plays a pivotal role in John Marston’s journey to Mexico in the first Red Dead Redemption.

With just a little lesson, Ricketts can shoot just as well as Marston and even improve his Dead Eye targeting abilities to an even higher level. Ricketts’ standing as a legendary figure of the American frontier and a heroic vigilante is reflected in the franchise’s frequent casual references to him.

Landon Ricketts’s Early Adventures Can Be Explored In Rdr3.

Exploring Landon Ricketts’s childhood, if Red Dead Redemption 3 is a prequel, would be a great way to wrap out the RDR narrative. To recreate the legendary golden era of the American frontier in RDR3, the series keeps going backward, beginning with the Old West’s demise and then investigating its dying years.

Fans would go nuts if they could shape Landon Ricketts’s legendary status by their in-game deeds, as he is a legendary cowboy. Since Ricketts is intended to be a more moral figure than John Marston or Arthur Morgan, the story may be able to focus more clearly without as much of an emphasis on ethical dilemmas.

Fans have recommended Rockstar Games bring back Red Harlow in Red Dead Redemption 3, although Landon Ricketts is better suited to lead the game. The famed gunslinger’s legendary reputation and unrivaled shooting prowess make him an ideal playable character for the Wild West’s golden age.

As someone who was reportedly present at the Blackwater Massacre that serves as the prologue to RDR2, Ricketts also has connections to other Red Dead characters and events. Red Dead Redemption 3 can explore the zenith of the American frontier through the eyes of a young Landon Ricketts and complete the story of the grizzled cowboy.

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