RecycleKaro to invest Rs 100 Cr. to set up Nickel plant in Maharashtra

Recently, a piece of news came on the internet, in which it is being told that the Mumbai-Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Factory is preparing to set up a new one. Mumbai – Lithium-ion battery recycling has said on Thursday that an investment plan of up to Rs 100 crore is being made to establish the production of 1200 tonnes of metal every year. The name of this project is going to be RecycleKaro. As our country is progressing, we are making progress, and making Lithium-ion batteries is an eco-friendly project. Scroll up to read more of this news.


RecycleKaro to invest Rs 100 Cr.

Many questions must arise in your mind like what is the purpose of making this project. After all, what will be the benefit of this project? Is this project going to be helpful in the future or not? Let’s know what is going to happen after all. As we told you above the name of this project is going to be RecycleKaro. All of you must have understood from recyclers that making a new thing out of a bad thing. So the aim of this project is to use all the things.

As mentioned in the information, this project is being made keeping this in mind so that we can reuse the useless lithium-ion batteries as well as the production of nickel from hydroxide. This is a very big project, so work on it will start only by 2023. The aim of the company is to rapidly develop the circular economy in the electric vehicle market from its own product i.e. nickel metal so that India also becomes eco-friendly.

Lithium-ion battery recycling firm says that it will make 1200 nickel metal in the year 1200, from which 30 percent of the production will be started. It is a dream to make this company so that India does not have to ask for nickel from a ditch or any other country. Even the company’s founder and director Rajesh Gupta has said in a report that making this company does not mean just doing business, but it is an organization. Electric vehicle i.e. EVs is an important milestone in India.

We know that the production of electric vehicles is going to increase in the future and due to this nickel is the most essential metal for lithium-ion batteries which we need very much. By 2023, we can also see the demand for electric vehicles 10 times more. And together with this company, this company can take India towards a new direction. Follow us for more latest updates.