Realme GT 5 Pro Features Leaked On Telegram: Battery Capacity And Camera Lens

We know that all of you will also have pictures of the Realme GT 5 Pro phone on the internet. And all of you will also be very excited to know the features of this new phone, such as what are the new qualities of the phone, how much storage it has, camera quality, and most importantly, what is its price. So now be careless, in today’s article, we have brought every information related to the features of the Realme GT 5 Pro phone only and only for you. Let’s move forward without wasting any time and know what is it like in this phone.

Realme GT 5 Pro

Realme, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently announced the imminent launch of its highly anticipated Realme GT 5. While the exact release date has not been disclosed, the company has confirmed that it will occur sometime this month in China. However, the rumor mill is abuzz with exciting details about another flagship device, the Realme GT 5 Pro, which is speculated to make its debut later this year.

Realme GT 5 Pro Features

The key differentiating factor between the two devices lies in the chipsets they will incorporate. The Realme GT 5 will be equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, known for its impressive performance capabilities. On the other hand, the GT 5 Pro is expected to be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which is scheduled for an official release in October 2021.

Realme GT 5 Pro

The GT 5 Pro is rumored to feature a stunning curved-edge display with a 2K resolution. Continuing the trend of cutting-edge technology, Realme has also revealed that the GT 5 Pro will sport a sizable 5,400mAh battery. This battery will support both 100W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, providing users with convenient and rapid charging options. One notable feature that sets the Realme GT 5 Pro apart is its support for Universal Fast Charging Specification (UFCS). This advancement is a promising step towards simplifying fast charging capabilities for users worldwide.

The camera capabilities of the Realme GT 5 Pro are expected to be impressive as well. It is also anticipated that an ultra-wide snapper will join this already formidable camera setup, granting users a wide range of photography options. The GT 5 Pro, in particular, is expected to showcase Qualcomm’s highly anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and support universal fast charging through UFCS. With its curved-edge display, powerful cameras, and efficient battery, the GT 5 Pro aims to offer a superior smartphone experience. Stay connected with us for more latest upgrades.