Pune residents purportedly standing queue up for to buy ₹2 crore apartments

Recently, the residents of Pune queued up for hours so that they could buy an apartment worth Rs. 2 crores. This news has been recently announced on social media. This news is currently going viral on several social media platforms. On this Netizens have reacted and said that this is the builder’s marketing strategy. This news is one of the biggest shocking news. This news has sent shockwaves online at this time. This incident has recently occurred in Maharashtra Pune. Most of the residents of Pune are shocked because of this news. Now to know everything read this article till the end.


The Maharashtra Pune residents were recently seen standing in a queue for eight hours so that they could buy an apartment worth between Rs. 1.5 crore or Rs. 2 crore. The video of this scene has been captured and shared online. The video of the standing residents is currently viral and a lot of users are shocked after watching the video. The crowd was on the full road. As per one tweet, there was a very big line which was seen at the Wakad area which is located 15 km away from Pune, Maharashtra. The video of the Pune crowd was shared by a channel named Microblogging on Twitter (X). Scroll down to learn more.

A very big crowd was seen standing outside a building and they all were waiting to go inside so that they could purchase the house. After watching the video a lot of Twitter (X) users started raising some questions, one user asked does other people also have to wait for almost eight hours to buy a house. One sure said that they were not going to wait for this long to buy a house while others refused and believed that this video was true. One person wrote, never, he never thought that there were those people who were willing to buy a house for Rs. 1.5 or 2 crore. A lot of them are standing their because to receive the bank business goods. Keep reading till the end.

Another person on Twitter (X) wrote it is very difficult not to believe. This would be a marketing strategy and these people are hired. He had the same feelings on the launch day of the iPhone. He may maybe wrong. This video is completely misleading people. All the people who have been seen in the video are paid to create a large crowd.