Good News for Gamers: PS5 Shortage Set to End, According to PlayStation CEO!

PS5 Shortage Set to End: The PlayStation 5 console shortage has ended, as confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan, and consumers should now have much easier access to the next-generation console.

Since its release in November 2020, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has been exceedingly difficult to obtain due to a number of factors that have prevented the company from keeping up with consumer demand.

The PlayStation 5 console supply was limited by a number of factors including a lack of available chips, aggressive scalpers, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

PS5 Shortage Set to End
PS5 Shortage Set to End

Years passed during which players were forced to try to acquire PS5 consoles online during extremely limited restocks, with many of these consoles being stolen by scalpers.

Retailers’ loyalty programs and other initiatives helped some customers get their hands on a PlayStation 5, but many still had to pay inflated prices from scalpers.

That era, according to Sony’s Jim Ryan at CES 2023, is over. Ryan announced at the event that Sony has sold over 30 million PlayStation 5 consoles and that “from this point forward,” consumers “should have a much easier time finding one” in stores.

Additionally, Ryan stated that December 2022 was the best month for PS5 sales to date, proving that the console was a huge hit with the holiday shopping crowd. Sony’s massive PS5 supply increase appears to be paying off.

Consequently, this should boost sales of PS5 software, which had been slow to start due to a lack of available copies. There will likely be a plethora of system-selling games for the PS5 in 2023.

In addition to blockbuster first-party games like Spider-Man 2, there are also major third-party games like Hogwarts Legacy to consider.

This is especially important now that the open-world Harry Potter game will launch for PS5 months before it launches for PS4.

The more PS5 consoles are sold, the more of a financial incentive developers will have to make games exclusively for the PS5, which should eventually put an end to the practice of releasing games for multiple generations at once.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of games are developed specifically for the PS5, taking advantage of its power and features, in the years to come.

Sony’s gaming software and hardware sales will increase in proportion to the number of PS5 consoles in consumers’ homes.

Due to the exclusivity of the PlayStation VR2 headset to PS5 consoles, Sony needs to move as many PS5 units as possible in order to meet the demand for the new headset when it launches at the end of February.

Not surprisingly, Sony’s announcement of major titles like Beat Saber and a VR mode for Gran Turismo 7 for the PS VR2 was a highlight of the company’s CES 2023 conference.

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