Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp Hack Is Brutal

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp: Dark-type Pokemon, being the cunning little rascals that they are, aren’t always based on darkness or dark energy, as the type is typically associated with. The Dark kind, on the other hand, is founded on malice and sneakiness in combat.

We’re going to talk about a handful of the bad guys in Pokemon: Generation IX today because everyone loves a good villain. In terms of appearance, backstory, and competitive potential, these are the top 10 Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

The 10 Best Dark-Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp


Since its introduction in Gen IV, Spiritomb has been a welcome addition to the Pokemon games thanks to its scary and entertaining demeanor. It’s Dark/Ghost typing and respectable weight make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield, especially since Fairy types did not exist at the time.

Champion Cynthia’s first man to enter combat was almost always Spiritomb, and now that we know what type hits this beast for super-effective damage, we can laugh at our naivete from back when we were trying to figure it out.


Murkrow is a feisty underdog that has no right to be doing as well as it does in the current competitive VGC. Because of how few Pokemon know both Prankster and Tailwind, Murkrow is the only one who can use them together. Murkrow’s Tailwind is prioritized at a +1 rate independent of its teammates’ Speed tiers thanks to Prankster, allowing it to aid its teammates with increased Speed.

Murkrow, along with Tailwind, is one of the few Pokemon to learn Haze, and thanks to its Prankster ability, it’s much more useful in battle. In the current metagame, where Pokemon with tactics for improving their stats are ubiquitous, Haze’s ability to wipe out any stat increases on the field is phenomenal.


We know a lot of you are disappointed that just like the previous quadrupedal cat starter—Litten—Sprigatito also evolved into a bipedal final form. But don’t let Incineroar give you unfair biases—Meowscarada is actually an amazing design.

Well, in our opinion at least. Don’t cancel us, please.

Apart from pulling off its cat-magician theme flawlessly, it also has a phenomenal Speed stat and a decent Attack stat, but where Meowscarada’s money truly lies is in its signature move Flower Trick, a 70 base power Grass move that always crits, essentially turning it into 105 base power. Terrastalize it into the Grass-type and slap a Life Orb or Choice Band onto it and watch its damage potential skyrocket.

Roaring Moon

Imagine Salamence, but even more awesome. Roaring Moon, the prehistoric form of Salamence, now has a new dual-type in Dark/Dragon and is one of the Pokemon Scarlet Paradox forms.

It’s not a coincidence that Roaring Moon resembles Mega Salamence; its back wings create the same famous crescent moon shape. The new games’ paranormal magazine, Occulture, also suggests that Roaring Moon is connected to Mega Evolution.

Well, theorists, go wild.


A Pokemon of the Dark type, Weavile is one of the coolest there is. Weavile is one of the two best Dark-type Pokemon on this list because of its Ice secondary type.

As soon as its 2005 debut, Weavile became not only one of the most popular Pokemon but also one of the most popular Ice kinds. Its sleek appearance makes it seem like a miniature ice ninja, ready to slash you to pieces and leave you with frostbite before you can even give your Arcanine the command to fire Flamethrower.

Traveling around Sinnoh and using it in combat, or even suffering under its ice heel when challenging Cyrus, the head of Team Galactic, and one of his greatest Pokemon, Weavile, brought many unforgettable moments to the hearts of Pokemon fans everywhere.

With a high base Speed and Fake out at its disposal, Weavile is positioned to be an excellent selection in competitive VGC, where it may assist its teammates while they deal damage or build up. It is not only incredibly proficient at Fake Out but also has a high Attack stat and fantastic offensive type, allowing it to make short work of its opponents.


Chi-Yu, a member of the Treasures of Ruin quartet, is a Dark/Fire dual-type Legendary Pokemon that has made a significant impact in the Scarlet/Violet tournament circuit.

Chi-Yu possesses excellent Speed and a devastating Special Attack, both of which are enhanced by its ability, Beads of Ruin, which reduces the Special Defense of every Pokemon on the field by 25% and, in turn, aids its partner if it is a Special Attacker.

This Legendary’s ability is called after the beads that serve as its eyes. In ancient times, these beads were extremely sought after, and legend has it that the jealousy contained within them triggered numerous wars, transformed into a Pokemon, and wore a fire-themed costume. What a weird origin story.


There’s no sugarcoating it; this pseudo-Legendary is one of the coolest and deadliest Pokemon ever made.

The design decisions for Hydreigon, which appear like the stuff of nightmares, are evocative of Generation V, and you can be assured that you will not be receiving such horrific designs from the firm going forward, which makes Hydreigon all the more endearing.

It’s great to see one of our favorite dragons making the comeback that we’ve all been hoping for, and Hydreigon has found itself in a fantastic position in the Season one metagame for Scarlet and Violet’s rated double matches.


There is no way to discuss the top Dark-type Pokemon without mentioning Tyranitar. Back in Generation II, when the Dark type was first introduced, Tyranitar was the epitome of everything that it stood for.

Despite the gradual but steady increase in Pokémon power over the generations, Tyranitar has persisted and proven itself in battle, even in the highly competitive rated doubles matches between Scarlet and Violet.

With its tremendous basic numbers across the board and its size further increased with Sandstorm, Tyranitar is a formidable foe, and with Terrastalization in play, it can change its type and remove the flaws that would otherwise render it particularly vulnerable to a range of mons.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp


Like Chi-Yu, Chien-Pao is one of the four Pokemon you can find in the Scarlet and Violet version’s Treasures of Ruin. This Legendary Pokemon, like the other Treasures of Ruin, has an attractive appearance.

Its long fangs are depicted by the two broken halves of an antique sword that dangle from the corners of its mouth, a nod to its inspiration from snow leopards and saber-tooth tigers. How awesome is that? Big implications can be drawn from the blade that is linked to the inside of its mouth, as well, in terms of this Pokemon’s backstory.

Chien-real Pao’s shape is the fractured pieces of the sword attached inside its mouth, hence the name “Sword of Ruin” fits perfectly. According to urban legend, a snow-clad Pokemon represents the vengeance of those who died at the hands of the sword in the distant past. Unsettling stuff.

Chien-ability, Pao’s Sword of Ruin, does exactly what its name suggests: it lowers the Defense of every other Pokemon on the field by 25%. This gives Chien-Pao and its partner an advantage in battle by allowing them to deal more damage. As one of the game’s fastest Pokemon, it also boasts a good Attack number and outstanding type coverage, making it one of the game’s most notable threats.


Back in Generation V, when Bisharp first debuted, everyone was pleased with how it came out. A popular and well-liked Pokemon, no one ever demanded its evolution into Bisharp despite its cool appearance. However, Kingambit now exists, and it is the baddest thing we have ever seen.

With a long blade protruding from its head and two long blades extending over its mouth like a mustache, Kingambit takes inspiration from the samurai aesthetic for its signature move Kowtow Cleave, a Dark attack with 85 base power that never misses.

It’s not just the humans that benefit from Kingambit’s long locks; the king itself uses them as a seat. Yes, Kingambit can be seen sitting on its hair even when it is in a resting animation, such is the durability of its mane. What a total badass!

As if that weren’t enough, this Pokemon also has a fantastic stat distribution, with a huge Attack number and greatly enhanced mass from its pre-evolution. Despite having a rather slow Speed, Kingambit can be easily used in Trick Room teams.

Now that Terrastalization has arrived, Kingambit may finally shed its crippling weakness to Fighting, along with other prominent ones like Fire and Ground, and continue wreaking havoc on the battlefield without fear of being countered. Due to these factors, we rank Kingambit as our top pick. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Passive-Exp Final Words

The games are held in Paldea, an area modeled after the Iberian Peninsula. The player has the choice between three distinct narrative paths. The Terastal phenomenon, which allows a Pokémon to morph into its exclusive Tera Type, is introduced in Scarlet and Violet, along with 103 new Pokémon and four new regional forms.