Transform Your Mareanie into a Toxapex with These Evolution Tips in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Game!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Game: Players will want to evolve a Mareanie as soon as possible in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet because Toxapex can be a tough opponent. Obtaining the troublesome Alolan Pokemon in this manner is the quickest and least complicated option.

The old football adage “the best offense is a good defense” doesn’t hold water in many other games and sports. The drug Toxapex stands out. When used offensively, the Pokemon’s many defensive capabilities make it a formidable foe.

Its usefulness in ranked singles and Tera Raid battles has been reduced significantly since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but it is still very playable.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What You Need to Know to Transform a Mareanie Into a Toxapex

After reaching level 38, Mareanie can evolve into Toxapex. In addition, wild Toxapex has a chance to appear in six-star Tera Raid battles and can be found as fixed Tera spawns in the East Paldean Sea. The Pokédex categorizes its habitats as follows:

Mareanie populates the beaches and oceans of Paldea’s entire eastern coast, from Wo-Grasswither Chien’s Shrine to the north of gym leader Iono’s hometown of Levincia. It also appears as a raid boss in Tera’s three-star raids.

Although the Pokedex implies that wild Toxapex does not exist, this is not the case. Situated to the southeast of Levincia, there is a single guaranteed spawn of Tera Toxapex.

This Toxapex is accessible early in the game by heading east from Artazon, following the coastline, and descending a series of hills to a beach. You can see its precise geographical location here:

Can I Expect Any Benefit From Using Toxapex If I Choose Scarlet or Violet?

While Toxapex shows promise in ranked singles and Tera Raids, it underwhelms in the campaign. This is because Toxapex has terrible offensive numbers and is slow.

Toxapex is a formidable Pokemon because it has some of the highest Defense and Sp. Defense of any Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Although it has its uses, players are better off employing Pokemon like Cloyster, which can quickly knock out foes with powerful attacks.

Conflicts in Tera Raids are a different kettle of fish. Its high defense stats, as well as Chilling Water and Acid Spray, help set up allies for massive damage. This setup was effective enough to use against the Mightiest Mark Cinderace Tera Raid event, and it can also be used as a support setup for many other Pokemon.

In ranked singles matches, it can use Baneful Bunker, Toxic, and Recover to block physical attacks. It can usually outheal the opponent’s attacks and wait for them to succumb to the poison. Scarlet and Violet versions of Pokemon are now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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