Pokémon Go Friends: Tips for Managing Your Friend List and Finding Hawaii Friends!

Pokémon Go Friends: Having a vibrant player community is crucial for one of the most played mobile games based on arguably the most well-known media franchise in the world. The more people you know worldwide who play Pokémon GO, the more fun you might have.

People can rapidly expand their network of in-game friends using social media and other online resources. Recent in-game happenings, such as the introduction of the Vivillon postcard, have left trainers wondering about the current friend cap in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Go Friends
Pokémon Go Friends

Pokémon GO Friend List Size Limit

As of the end of 2022, players in Pokémon GO can have a maximum of 400 friends. For those who limit their “friends” list to only their closest confidantes, that may seem like an excessive number.

Some people like constantly expanding their social network to help each other out by exchanging Pokémon and other items worldwide.

The release of Vivillon has inspired gamers to connect with those worldwide. It would be impossible to complete the challenge without an active player base, as 18 different patterns of Vivillon move around.

If you want to get all the Vivillon patterns, Niantic Labs suggests reaching out to new people online. It’s difficult to picture a Pokémon GO player with 400 friends who isn’t an influencer, but it’s possible.

In 2023, many users won’t even notice that they can’t add more friends than they do now. If a trainer’s friend count reaches a maximum, they can delete and shuffle the names.

Pokémon GO Hawaii Friend Codes

Niantic Labs has made a particular test for Vivillon to face in its first appearance in Pokémon GO. Vivillon comes in 18 different colorways, all of which are spread out across the world.

Players can earn a Vivillon sub medal and a Scatterbug encounter by sending out several postcards from the same region to their friends.

The eventual Vivillon design will look different depending on the area where the sub-medal was won.

The Ocean pattern is a typical example of a difficult-to-find practice by players. Niantic Labs has just recently tweeted a map that gives players a general idea of where the habitats for each Vivillon can be found.

Players quickly spotted the presence of Ocean pattern Villon in the state of Hawaii. Neither the Hawaiian islands nor anyone from there being a friend on Pokémon GO is convenient for everyone.

Happily, a trip to Honolulu is not required of Pokémon GO players to make a new pal. Players in Pokémon have been so helpful to one another that they have shared their friend codes online.

Players can easily trade and find specific friend codes to help with the Villon challenge, thanks to social media and fan-made sites like Leek Duck’s.

Players can sort friend codes by which Villon pattern they need, a nice feature of Leek Duck‘s Pen Pal site. You can send postcards now, regardless of whether the Ocean pattern is in Ohio or Hawaii.

However, no one will stop you if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way by simply making new friends in Pokémon GO and catching all 18 Villon that way.

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