Pakistan To Deport Illegal Immigrants From November 2

Pakistan is now ready to deport the illegal immigrants. Yes, this is true, now Pakistan is going to deport illegal immigrants from 2nd November 2023, Thursday. This news has been recently announced by the Pakistani officials. An illegal immigrant is going to be released because the rights groups have warned about the humanitarian crisis. Pakistan officials have clarified that now not even a single refugee but an illegal immigrant is going to be deported from Pakistan from tomorrow. This news is currently viral on social media and currently going viral on various social media platforms. NMow to know everything regarding this decision of Pakistan read this article till the end.


Pakistan is now going to start the crackdown on undocumented immigrants which includes a lot of neighboring Afghanistan from tomorrow. This news has officially prompted the rights of Groyuop to warn of a humanitarian crisis. When the officials announced this news to deport illegal immigrants from Pakistan so that that time Islamabad claimed that the Afghan national had been behind the 14 suicide attacks, crimes, and smuggling in the territory. On which now Kabul has officially dismissed the allegations as the rights group has now asked Pakistan country to reconsider the decision. Scroll down to learn more.

The caretaker interior minister Sarfraz Bugti has recently posted a video in which he has given a shocking statement, in the video he claimed that only two days are no left for the country’s to return. But it is looking like that now they are going to assist with the cams that have been set up by the Pakistan government. They are trying to provide all necessary things like food and health care facilities for the two or three days.  This video is currently viral on various social media platforms and mostly on Twitter (X).

Sarfraz Bugti has also stated that no refugee is going to be deported just illegal immigrants are going to be reported from the country. He said in clear words that he was not deporting any of the refugees. But he is deporting those people who are illegal and now they will leave Pakistan. The operation is going to be very big and it is going to happen on a very large scale. Recently, the ministry has also informed us that Pakistan is now a country of over 4 million Afghan migrants and refugees of which around 1.7 million migrants are illegal because they are undocumented.