Overwatch 2 Players Irritated by the Bastion Ultimate Glitch! Why

Many Overwatch 2 players can’t figure out why Bastion’s Ultimate ability keeps malfunctioning. The overhaul of Bastion, a character who has been in Overwatch since the game’s 2016 debut, was one of the biggest changes that fans were looking forward to with the release of Overwatch 2.

In that update, Bastion was supposed to get an updated Ultimate that would grant the robot superior firepower while flying. It appears that the Ultimate is malfunctioning in some situations, which is frustrating a lot of players. This week, players discovered a new bug in Overwatch 2 that made Bastion’s Ult the game’s most powerful ability.

Bastion’s new Ult allows him to fire three artillery shots at predetermined locations on the map, dealing damage to enemies if successful. Players in Overwatch 2 have discovered a way to bypass this feature and unleash an infinite barrage of artillery rounds. In this configuration, Bastion becomes a one-robot wrecking crew capable of annihilating entire squads with a single blow.

Overwatch 2 seems to be experiencing a widespread bug, so it’s likely that Blizzard Entertainment is already aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Although it is uncertain whether or not the entire Bastion will be disabled (as some players have requested), it seems likely that this glitch will not be around for very much longer.

During your own Overwatch 2 sessions, have you come across this issue with Bastion? As a whole, what do you think of the game? Keep reading down below if you want to see this new Bastion Ult glitch in action.

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