Overwatch 2 Doomfist Guide: Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Doomfist, a remarkable hero in Overwatch, is set to emerge more vital in the second version of the game. As per the new version, it has been revamped into a Tank with different abilities and strengths to help the players.

Doomfist had a DPS format in Overwatch 1, and now it has accustomed the role of a Tank in this new version. However, many players find it challenging to get used to the unique abilities and powers of Doomfist.

This is where tips designed by experts to help players understand Doomfist’s strategies and tools come into the picture. In addition, there are many hacks and cheats offered by battlelog which can help you adjust well to the new hero.

All About Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Let us read in detail about using Doonfist and its different aspects.

Playstyle of Doomfist

Doomfist has recently changed into a Tank from its previous version of DPS, but it is a little weak compared to its fellow tank heroes. It possesses 450 HP and can accumulate 150 Temporary Health more, thereby increasing its horsepower to 600 HP.

This implies that it becomes mandatory for Doomfist to continuously engage with enemies if it has to stay alive in the game. However, this may seem to be a little tricky with this low horsepower.

Doomfist’s Main Abilities

Doomfist’s abilities and powers have changed since Overwatch 1. Here are some of its primary weapons and strengths.

Power Block

Power Block has replaced Doomfist’s central ability to rise Uppercut of Overwatch 1 in Overwatch 2. This new mechanism makes Doomfist more powerful when attacking multiple enemies in the game.

Through Power Block, Doomfist can prevent a significant portion of damage when it raises its gauntlet.

Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch and Power Block enable Doomfist to unleash a decisive strike against its enemies. As the name suggests, Rocket Punch implies a solid punch to the enemies incorporating additional damage when the enemy flies back into a wall due to the punch.

The combination of Power Block and Rocket Punch enables Doomfist to attack the enemy and prevent damage from the enemy both.

Hand Cannon

One of the primary weapons of Doomfist is hand cannon embossed on its left arm. Doomfist blasts these shoots from its knuckles. The Doomfist can hold four rounds at a particular time.

Also, the best aspect of the hand cannon is that it automatically reloads no matter whether Doomfist is using or not using the cannon. As per experts, it is best to use these cannons at a close range as they are more effective then.

Seismic Slam

Another ability of Doomfist is its Seismic Slam. As per this ability, Doomfist springs over before it slams its fist on landing. This slamming creates a shockwave around it while dealing with around 50 damages.

In addition, it grants 30 Temporary Health to Doomfist for each target it can strike. Also, the game allows you to jump a little further than normal to aim higher and strike a larger area.

This ability is highly beneficial as compared to others when attacking your enemies.

Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike is similar to the Slamming Fist ability of Doomfist. However, in Meteor Strike, the Doonfist just leaps into the air and then comes down with force on a particular spot. This, again, creates a shockwave.

The game allows you to position yourself in the air for about four seconds before you come down after the leap. The percentage of damage caused during the Meteor Strike determines the Temporary Health quotient as acquired.

Tips For Using Doomfist

As per gaming experts, if you do not use Doomfist and its moves with accuracy, it may prove hazardous for you. Thus, taking intelligent shots with Doomfist against your DPS opponents is advisable.

When punching, if Doomfist is able to leap behind the game’s frontlines, experts advise you to push your weaker enemies in a forward direction. This would cause maximum damage to the enemy.

Final Words

Doomfist is a hero who, if used with precision, can come in handy to cause maximum damage to enemies.

However, the power of its attack increases when in close range. Thus, ensure to get close to your enemy when attacking with Doomfist. Happy attacking!