What is Oobah Butler real name? TV star and prankster details

Oobah Butler is currently one of the most trending people online. His name is making rounds on social media. He is a famous filmmaker and author. Currently, many people are interested to know about him. Some users on the internet are claiming that the name of Oobah Butler is not his real name. Now many other people are interested to know about him and people are interested to know about his real name. So by looking at the interest of the public, we have brought a lot of information about him. We are going to tell you his real name so read this article till the end.

Oobah Butler

Who Is Oobah Butler?

Oobah Butler is a well-known English filmmaker, author, television presenter, and journalist. His date of birth and place have not been revealed yet. So because of that his current age has remained disclosed. He is mostly recognized for creating The Shed at Dulwich which was a fictional restaurant that became the top-rated venue in London in 2017 on TripAdvisor. As an author, he made his debut in 2019 by launching his first book, How to Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1. He published this book in April 2019 and this book turned out as the LA Times bestseller book. He has also worked as a television presenter as in 2021 he co-hosted an MTV show Catfish UK. This show was co-hosted by YouTuber Nella Rose.

If we talk about the real name of Oobah Butler, his real name is Oobah Butler. This is not his fake name. However, it has been revealed that the origins of Oobah’s first name are murky. He is also very famous for his series of viral prank films for Vice. Some people were also interested to know about his relationship status. So currently he is unmarried. And many details about his relationship have not been disclosed right now.

Oobah Butler started his career as a writer for Vice Magazine in October 2015. Then he became a door-to-door salesman. He worked as an article writer for Vice Magazine for over two years. Then he started filming shot films which he used to share on the site’s social media channels. He also documented The Shed at Dulwich in a video on the Vice Magazine YouTube channel. For his brilliant filmmaking and writing skills he has been honored with many awards. In 2018, he was honored with the award of Best Content Idea. He received three awards in 2018.