OnePlus 12: Price In India, Release Date, Specification And Review

Hello Android users, today we have brought some very amazing news for you. As you all must have seen or heard on social media that OnePlus smartphone company is going to launch OnePlus 12 recently. Next, if you are also planning to get a new phone, then OnePlus 12 can be the best choice. Because OnePlus users have not faced any kind of problems with OnePlus smartphones to date. We know what you all want, and we have brought answers to all your questions in today’s article. Where we will talk to you about all the features of the OnePlus 12 like camera quality, battery pack-up, and many other things. So what to think, let’s start the article and know about OnePlus 12.

oneplus 12 camera leaked

OnePlus 12 Release Date

Answering your first question, what can you get to see in the features of this phone? Let’s start with the camera of OnePlus 12, in OnePlus 12 you will not only get to see the periscope camera on the box, but it also has a special prism to bend the light. The advantage of this will be that the optical zoom will be done automatically without increasing the zoom of the room. You cannot imagine that you will get 3x optical zoom as well as a 64MP sensor in it.

OnePlus 12

The features of the OnePlus 12 last month show that this phone has been made better than OnePlus 11. The deficiency that you got to see in OnePlus 11, Hope it will not happen now. OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12 are better phones in their respective places. Users also liked OnePlus 11 very much. The biggest update has come in this OnePlus 12, that too of battery capacity, according to the tipsters’ hint, the OnePlus 12 you will get to see the color glossy back of the phone with a periscope camera.

In this phone, you will get a 50W wireless charge, which will be the first phone of OnePlus to get a wireless charger. OnePlus 12 gives you an AMOLED display that too with a 2k display and not only a refresh rate of 120Hz. Battery support you will get a 5,400mAh. Now the last question left is when this OnePlus 12 will be launched in the market. As far as talking about it, there is no date and time fix yet, but the OnePlus company says that this phone will be launched in the market by 2024. You must have got some relief after hearing this. Follow us for more latest updates.