Signal Is Planning To Discontinue Android Support For SMS Messaging.

Signal, an encrypted messaging app that aims to prioritise security and privacy, has announced that it will soon no longer support SMS messages on Android. “Now we’ve reached the point where SMS support no longer makes sense,” the platform announced.

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The company announced the change in a blog post, writing, “We are starting to phase out SMS support from the Android app in order to enable a more streamlined Signal experience.”

It went on to say, “You will have several months to transition away from SMS in Signal, to export your SMS messages to another app, and to let the people you talk to know they might want to switch to Signal or find another channel if not.

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Those who use Signal as their primary SMS client on Android are the only ones who will be impacted by the update. “You will need to change the default SMS app on your Android device if you have been using Signal. Also, you’ll have to import your Signal SMS history into the new app if you want to keep those messages “the firm declared.

Signal claims that it is discontinuing SMS support for the Android app because it is more important to focus on privacy and security, prevent users from incurring unexpected messaging costs, and provide a simple and straightforward interface for everyone who uses Signal to communicate.

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“One major reason we’re ditching SMS on Android is that it’s impossible to guarantee the security of plaintext SMS messages. They expose private metadata and hand off your information to telecoms, “according to the instant messenger app.

Privacy and security are at the core of what we do, so allowing a deeply insecure messaging protocol to be integrated into the Signal interface goes against our beliefs and the expectations of our users.

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