Microsoft Kills Off Cortana App in Windows 11: What is Microsoft replacing Cortana with?

Microsoft, there is no doubt that the company is continuously enhancing the better technological experience, and thus, they are making such decisions as well to boost the smoothness of their upcoming projects. Yes, you heard right, something similar is again catching the heat on social media ever since Microsoft announced the termination of the Cortana app as they are not allowing it to enter Windows 11. The company announced while giving the reasons. So below you can explore the further information you need to know along with some unknown facts.

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Microsoft Kills Off Cortana App in Windows 11

As per the reports, barely a bunch of hours would have passed to make such a statement on termination and despite this, almost everyone started showing their interest to know more about it because the revolutionary step was not expected by anyone else but it happened while leaving the huge impact on and this is the only reason, users are now checking the further features they have added in Windows 11 while terminating the Cortana app. Because it is normal that whenever a firm deletes something so they add another one as well.

Reportedly, Cortana was not able to compete with other digital assistants like Alexa, Goggle ask, and Siri as they are addressed as one of the most important parts of the tech world because ever since these features came into our lives users stopped writing and started speaking as these options convert your word into the written so therefore, these features usually considered more popular than Cortana and this is the prime reason that Microsoft is taking such step to stop it properly within the recent month.

Further, Microsoft mentioned that Cortana was one of their failed projects which had not lived up to their expectations and thus, they are now made up their mind to not working on it therefore, they have already made the users aware of the steps that they do not continue favoring it and thus, the users who are using it should stop their activity and get alternates as many are available in the market and can easily use by the users while making their work easier.

Besides all these, a few are saying that it is not the first time that Microsoft is making such a decision before this, they have done multiple things to provide a great experience to their users in a certain manner and hence, this step is also liking by the people who were using the Cortana. In its previous update, Microsoft just warned the users and now with the most recent announcement they have made everyone acquainted with the stopping update. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.