Meta Announces Connect Event On October 11, Teases The Release Of A New Virtual Reality Headset

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, posted the event date and a photo of himself wearing a virtual reality headset on Tuesday, alluding to the introduction of the device for which many have been waiting.

On October 11, Meta Platforms Inc will host its annual event to demonstrate its AR/VR products and services, and possibly unveil its much anticipated VR headgear, dubbed Project Cambria.

On Tuesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the event date with a Facebook post that included a photo of him wearing a virtual reality headset, a possible precursor to the introduction of the much-anticipated device.

Reuters reached out to Meta to confirm the launch of their new product, but the company has yet to react.

In a podcast last month, Zuckerberg mentioned that the new headset would include sophisticated sensors for tracking eyes and facial cues, with the ability to reflect such signs on a digital avatar in real-time.

The company’s future metaverse strategy will revolve around Project Cambria, the successor to Meta Quest 2.

Meta has been very active in the virtual reality industry recently, with improvements to its Horizon Worlds VR social platform, creator payments, a demo store, and price increases for existing VR headset models all announced within the previous several months.

In light of Vice President Vivek Sharma’s departure, the announcement of the event date comes after he oversaw the creation of the Horizon Worlds platform and its associated products.

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