Who Is Marly Dansereau? Arrested For Threatening To Kill Justin Trudeau

Marly Dansereau who is from Saskatchewan, has been arrested for allegedly threatening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Saskatoon woman has been the topic of the town since her video went viral in which she is talking with some others in a video call. Reportedly, vulgar and offensive language was used by Marly Dansereau in the video. Apparently, some of the group members were not aware that the video was being recorded at that time. Now the clip has been posted online leading to the arrest of Saskatchewan woman Marly Dansereau. What did actually she say about the Prime Minister? If that’s the case, you are scrambling to know about Marly Dansereau, the following sections are waiting for you. Stick with this page and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

marly dansereau

Who Is Marly Dansereau?

The ongoing viral clip is about an informal group chat between the residents of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Apparently, the group members were not aware that they were being recorded. Saskatchewan woman reportedly used offensive language during the informal group chat. Reportedly, Marly Dansereau talked about her arrest by the RCMP in the group chat. She allegedly threatened to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Meanwhile, the video of Marly Dansereau went viral on the internet. The controversial video attained the attention of the netizens leading to a complaint against Marly Dansereau with the RCMP. The authorities have stated that they received a complaint against the Saskatchewan woman Marly Dansereau on October 13, 2023, for allegedly uttering death threats to PM Justin Trudeau. In response to the online complaint, RCMP arrested Marly Dansereau on October 18. RCMP stated, “As charges have been laid, this information will be part of the court proceedings” However, it is not clearly known what Marly Dansereau said about Justin Trudeau.

Now it is said that the accused will appear in court on November 23, 2023. Saskatchewan resident is scheduled to appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court next month. What if Marly Dansereau will be found guilty of her charges? In this case, if the Saskatchewan woman is found guilty of the charges, she can be sentenced to jail for up to 5 years. Talking about her, she is a resident of Saskatchewan. Marly Dansereau is 25 years old. Her controversial video that contains offensive and vulgar language is going viral on X formerly Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.