Maharashtra minister says ‘Despite ₹4-5 crore of funds, Nanded hospital not purchased medicine’

Breaking News: Now the Chief Minister of Maharastra Eknath Shinde has denied that there was any shortage of staff and medicines. Also, The MP of Shiv Sena Hemant Patil has been made the acting dean of the government hospital in Nanded where it is clear that there are dirty toilets and urinals. recently a tragedy occurred in the hospital in Nanded, Maharashtra. The Education Minister has raised some questions as even after having a good amount of funds there are no medicines have been procured till now. People on the internet have reacted to this and currently, many people are angry with the government of Maharashtra regarding the recent incident. Read the entire article to learn everything about the controversy of Maharashtra government hospital.

Maharashtra minister

After the incident, the Medical Education Minister of Maharashtra, Hasan Mushrif raised some questions regarding the hospital’s delayed medication procurement even after having sufficient funds. He has said that the problem of staff in the hospital is really serious right now as every single hospital needs sufficient staff but they don’t have. And he has asked if they still have Rs. 4 to 5 crore so why till now they haven’t bought the medicines. Their community is going to answer. They are going to bring the medical college staff. Continue reading to know more.

And now the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde has officially denied that they had a shortage of medicine and staff in the government hospitals. Recently, a total of 31 individuals lost here lives which also includes 12 infants in the government-run Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Medical College and Hospital because of a scarcity of medicines. A lot of people who died were old with heart ailments, accident victims, and underweight infants. In just 24 hours between 12 and 13th August 2023. That time total of 18 episodes died in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital at Kalwa in Thane district.

On 3rd October 2023, Tuesday, Shiv Sena MP Hemant Patil was made an acting dean of the hospital in Nanded where there are dirty toilets and urinals. The video of the government hospital in Nanded has gone viral on social media and people are now reacting to this video. He said that the hospital doesn’t even have mugs in the toilet and even the staff are shouting at the people who are not using toilets. Do doctors and deans maintain their homes immediately like this? Then he asked the doctors to get another bucket. Does the entire college just have one bucket in the entire college and hospital? In which government has not given any reply.