Who are Madalina Cojocari Parents? Meet Her Biological Father and Mother

After taking a long break, once again the missing case of 12-year-old Madalina Cojocari is remaining the subject of wide discussion, as the concerned authorities of Cornelius got the lead about her. Yes, you heard right, recently the department acquired a few surveillance images, in which the things are appearing clearly and now on the basis of which the further investigation will take place. It is anticipated that the case will now unleash certain things which are holding controversy itself. Below you can explore the further you need to know.

Madalina Cojocari Parents

Who are Madalina Cojocari Parents?

As per the reports, on November 22, 2022, the girl was seen last, and after that, there was no lead even the concerned authorities tried their best to find her but unfortunately, they did not get the success because the case was remaining quietly complicated and thus, the consequence was not taking the name to get occurred. But now, they are bringing the investigation ahead with the photos, and thus, the case now can go to an end because gradually things are getting sorted out and soon the concerned department will take her back in a certain manner they have supposed.

Where Is Madalina Cojocari Now?

On Wednesday, 19th of July 2023, the police affirmed that they were glimpsing into a separate possible sighting of Madalina in California. Because in the past few days, they got some leads and all such information were claiming to see Madalina there therefore, now the suspected area is being investigated so that, if she is remaining there then they can get her back and can send her to her parents. But the thing is with whom she is staying because as far as everyone is concerned, a child can not survive alone far from their house for 8 months and thus the case is holding many unsolved facts.

Recently, the statement police surfaced on social media where they claimed that they have received a little information about Madalina, as a lady informed them that she saw a child lookalike Madalina on 5th July 2023 at the gas station, and when she tried to recognize her a bit closely, she got disappear. Besides this, prior to the recent update they have received many statements like this as well and all of those were claiming that Madalina could remain in California. Hence, the investigation is going at its best to get her back as the police are not taking even a single chance now.

Apart from all these, the court records, the person in the surveillance pictures seemed physically similar to Octavian Cebanu, the only blood relative known who lives in the United States.” The young lady in the CCTV images “had an outward appearance that was in line with that of the missing child (Madalina).” In short, the case is holding multiple mysteries and . facts and thus, the police are looking ahead to solve all these. Because almost certain things they have gathered now, and thus the case would solve soon. So for further updates stay tuned with us and do follow Techballad.