Lumos Labs Announces The #Buidl For Web3.0 Hackathon For Web3.0-based Developers

The hackathon will allow developers to win additional incentives from sponsors by presenting their solutions to the relevant use cases.

A global hackathon dedicated to Web3.0 development, dubbed #Buidl, has been launched by Lumos Labs, a Web3.0 innovation enabler creating a developer-centric metaverse.

The goal of #BUIDL for Web3.0 is to help developers get started with Web3.0, create cutting-edge solutions, connect with other developers and Web3.0 professionals, and compete for a prize pool of over $100,000. This hackathon, hosted by Lumos Labs, aims to attract more than developers from all around the world, regardless of their experience level.

The hackathon, which bills itself as chain-agnostic, aims to provide developers and companies the freedom to work with any blockchain technology they like and to give them a chance to earn additional prizes from the sponsors by offering solutions to specific use cases.

Sponsors include Polygon, Aeternity, and Dfinity from the Web3.0 field, Tezos, Arcana Network, Fluence Network, Router Protocol, Revise Network, Komet, Assetmantle, and Tatum.

The IEEE Blockchain and IEEE Standards Association are also knowledge partners. Defi, NFT, entertainment, developer tooling and infrastructure, sustainability-based solutions, governance, and DAOs are some areas where the answers will accept during this two-month-long program hackathon.

Build space, Developer DAO, BuildlersTribe, The Phoenix Guild, Guestbook, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Webx DAO, Web3 Conf, CryptoDev Hub, Web3learn, Web3 Bharat, The Product House, Trusts, Vanderbilt University, Penn Blockchain, Blockchain San Diago, and OGClubDAO have joined #BUIDL for Web3 as partners to increase dev-tool support and expand the project’s global reach.

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By forming these alliances, #BUIDL for Web3 hopes to establish a setting conducive to developing innovative ideas among the developer talent it seeks to cultivate.

“Lumos Labs has always aimed to guide students, professionals, and enthusiasts towards the potential of blockchain technology. Through multiple accelerators and hackathon programs, mentorship and training, we hope to cultivate a Web3.0 developer pool and intend to build a metaverse to help these developers. The #BUIDL for Web3.0 hackathon is going to be a step forward. We invite the next generation of blockchain builders and leaders to be a part of this revolution,” Kaavya Prasad, founder of Lumos Labs, said.

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