A List Of Main Lookism Characters and Who’s the Main Antagonist?

Lookism Characters: Lookism is a webcomic created by Park Tae-Joon and published in South Korea. The webcomic debuted in weekly installments on Naver Webtoon in November 2014.

The protagonist is a high school student who can transform into either fat and ugly or a fit and handsome body. Studio Mir’s Korean animated series adaptation premiered worldwide on Netflix in December 2022.

Especially in more recent series, character names can be spelled differently from episode to episode. Due to the many potential sources of confusion that arise whenever one translates media from one language to another, the Romanization of a given name is not always spot on.

Such ambiguities in character names in anime and manga can lead to confusion. When words are changed entirely to make them more accessible to a specific audience, the problem can become even more pervasive.

Given that the original series is written in Korean, LOOKISM has been translated into several different languages, including English, which can be found in the official WEBTOON.

It’s important to note that the English names of the LOOKISM characters have been localized, so they differ significantly from the Korean words used in the upcoming anime adaptation of the original manhwa by Park Tae Jun.

Eugene is a primary antagonist in Lookism. He is one of Charles Choi’s ten geniuses and the head chairman of Workers.

Main Lookism Characters
Main Lookism Characters


Localizations that include the names of the main characters in anime properties are common and have a long history in many famous works. Name changes for main characters are common in media like Pokémon and the Dragon Ball series to make them more accessible to the target audience.

As an excellent illustration, consider that the main character of Tower of God, better known as “Bam” among WEBTOON fans, has changed his name. Although he is initially introduced as “The Twenty-Fifth Bam,” which roughly translates to “The Twenty-Fifth Night,”

The character’s name is changed to “Yoru,” the Japanese word for “Night,” in the Japanese-speaking adaptation to call attention to the original concept behind the title. Ash Ketchum, or Satoshi (Tajiri? ), the main character of the Pokémon anime franchise, and Shinichi Kud, better known to American audiences as “Jimmy Kud,” are both legendary examples of this.

Main Characters

Park Hyeong Suk/Daniel Park

The main character of the LOOKISM series is originally named Park Hyeong Suk in the Korean original. Still, his name has been changed to “Daniel Park” in the official WEBTOON adaptation of the show. He is the series’ main character.

After being bullied severely at his previous school, he transfers to Jae Won High, where his life is forever altered when he discovers he can temporarily inhabit either of two different bodies. Keisuke Hasegawa is the protagonist’s name in the Japanese adaptation.

Lee Tae Sung/Logan Lee

The antagonist from the beginning of LOOKISM, a bully, named Lee Tae Sung, is called “Logan Lee” in the official English translation.

Lee Eun Tae/Vasco

Lee Eun Tae, leader of the Burn Knuckles, a gang with a taste for justice and a penchant for defending the weak, is one of the strongest characters Daniel comes to befriend throughout the series. The character earns the nickname “Vasco” in both the English and Korean versions.

Park Bum Jae/Jace Park

Having been Vasco’s best friend since they were kids, Jace now serves as the Burn Knuckles’ second-in-command. Aside from his extraordinary tactical prowess, he is also well-known for his large ears.

Hong Jae Yeol/Jay Hong

Daniel’s classmate at Jae Won High is the hush-hush rich kid. He is quiet, but his support for Daniel is unwavering. Thanks to his Systema and Kali Arnis training, he is a highly reliable fighting partner. The “Jae” in his given name, “Jae Yeol,” is likely to have been anglicized to “Jay” when he was born in the United Kingdom.

Lee Jin Sung/Zack Lee

Zack, a boxing prodigy with a delinquency problem, is introduced as someone hostile toward Daniel. However, Zack’s terrible temper, impudence, and general inability to be tactful all play a role in his unfavorable first impression. Zack may have these negative qualities, but by the end of LOOKISM, he has become a good guy and a trustworthy ally to Daniel.

Kim Mi Jin/Mira Kim

Mira, a pacifist, opposed to violence, is LOOKISM’s main romantic interest for Zack Lee. Although her boxing prowess from her youth is never displayed, Mira gave up the sport altogether.

Park Ha Neul/Zoë Park

Despite her initial portrayal in LOOKISM as a significant flirt, especially with boys, she finds attractive, Zoe Park eventually becomes one of the series’ most selfless protagonists. Logan Lee, Daniel’s bully, develops solid feelings for Zoe.

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