LG Signature OLED TV M3 Wireless Tv On Sale For $35,186

The LG Signature OLED TV M3 97-inch wireless TV has taken the market by storm since its official launch in Korea last month. This incredible television offers a truly immersive viewing experience with its gigantic 97-inch display. One of the standout features of this smart TV is LG’s cutting-edge Zero Connect technology, which allows for seamless wireless transmission of video and audio signals in real-time with a stunning 4K resolution and a buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

LG Signature OLED TV M3 Wireless Tv On Sale

One of the most impressive aspects of the Signature OLED TV M3 is its modular design. LG has thoughtfully separated the Zero Connect box from the main screen, not only to eliminate cable clutter but also to ensure that the display remains flawlessly flat despite its substantial size. Acting as a versatile hub, the Zero Connect box effortlessly connects a variety of devices such as gaming consoles, cable/satellite set-top boxes, and gaming systems. With multiple HDMI connections, device integration becomes a straightforward process. Additionally, the TV supports wireless connectivity, making it easy to link up with compatible soundbars for enhanced audio performance, amplifying the excitement of every movie, show, or game.

In terms of connectivity options, the LG Signature OLED TV M3 is equipped with HDMI 2.1, USB, RF, LAN, and Bluetooth 5.0. With Wi-Fi 6E, this TV takes full advantage of the latest wireless connectivity standard, achieving data transmission speeds up to three times faster than the previous Wi-Fi 6 standard. Furthermore, the TV supports HDR content with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, ensuring that viewers can enjoy content with the highest quality standards. Powering this impressive device is the 6th generation AI Alpha 9 4K processor, optimizing performance and delivering smooth, seamless visuals.

Not only does the LG Signature OLED TV M3 excel in visual quality, but it also offers exceptional audio performance. With a 60W Speaker Output and a 4.2 channel configuration, this TV provides a clear and immersive sound that enhances the overall viewing experience. The TV’s dimensions, including the stand, measure 2155 x 1628 x 580 mm, and it weighs 64.5 kg, making it a substantial centerpiece for any living space.

The LG Signature OLED TV M3 is currently available in South Korea for KRW 45,800,000 ($35,186). However, LG has exciting plans for a worldwide launch in key markets such as North America and Europe later this year. With its impressive features, stunning display, and seamless wireless capabilities, the LG Signature OLED TV M3 is sure to captivate audiences around the globe.