Riot’s Reckoning: Fans Blast New League of Legends Trailer as Disappointing!

League of Legends Trailer: New years brings new seasons in League of Legends. Also, in recent years, this has meant a cinematic trailer to herald the upcoming season. On the other hand, in comparison to last year’s trailer, this season’s League of Legends teaser was pretty dull and underwhelming.

The community’s reaction was so negative that Riot issued a Twitter apology and explanation for the trailer’s lackluster performance. Starting in 2018, Riot has made and released extremely cinematic and epic trailers for each new season of the long-running F2P MOBA.

As one of the best League of Legends trailers ever made, last year’s Season 2022 teaser was widely praised by players. Previous teasers also did well with the audience. Consequently, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the new season and its accompanying trailer this year.

League of Legends Trailer
League of Legends Trailer

So it’s all the more disappointing that the trailer we got, titled The Brink of Infinity, consists of a dull two minutes or so of narration while the camera flies around the famous battleground from LoL. And that’s the end of that. The community and its many players, as one might expect, have been dunk-bashing this trailer nonstop since it went live the day before.

When compared to 2022 cinematic, “I can’t even begin to explain how DISAPPOINTING this year’s is,” wrote one YouTube commenter. Another viewer remarked, “I never thought that I would ever dislike a cinematic from League.”

The original League of Legends map, Summoner’s Rift, was re-rendered in Unreal Engine 5 for the new trailer, prompting many to joke that it was the same map. It reportedly received over 5,000 negative comments in under an hour.

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There are currently over 170,000 dislikes of the trailer on YouTube. The trailer received backlash on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, with some users claiming Riot prioritized their new first-person shooter Valorant over their stale multiplayer online battle arena.

The studio, Riot Games, finally stepped in after hours of these reactions pouring in and rumors and speculation running rampant that Riot wasn’t planning to support League of Legends as much as it had before or that the game might be dying and explained what happened with the trailer via a Twitter thread, apologizing to the community.

“This year, we decided to take a different approach to the Season 2023 video due to some unprecedented circumstances,” Riot said. But we thought it could capture the expansive world of League and the fierce competitiveness of a new season.

The Brink of Infinity trailer wasn’t the action-packed, champion-led showcase you were hoping for, and we realize that your feedback has prompted additional questions about how much we plan to invest in League.

Riot went on to say that the company could have avoided the “feeling” that it wasn’t as invested in League of Legends in 2023 as it had been in previous years by being “more communicative” about the trailer and its new approach.

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While Riot tweeted, “We do believe that League has a bright future and we are investing in that,” the company could have done a better job of communicating its plans to players. Detailed information on the nature of that investment will be provided to you within the next few days, as promised.

Your enthusiasm and suggestions are greatly valued, and please know that your commitment is crucial to the continued success of the League. I appreciate it. some were relieved that Riot recognized the dissatisfaction and anger, while others were angry that Riot wasn’t doing more to back League of Legends and its community.

Some people are still worried that the company is putting League on the back burner in favor of other projects and games like Valorant, and this response hasn’t helped ease their minds.

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